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Since 1995, Bernt Detlefsen, M.D. has been helping men find the best way to naturally grow their penises through the use of a safe, comfortable and clinically proven device, pills, pumps and much more. Read all his reviews on this personal blog.

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Dylan Smith, M.D.

I am an American urologist currently working at Boston Medical Center, and ever since 2007, I have been able to help dozens of men who were searching for an effective and natural method for penis enlargements.

I have praised our penis extender for the benefits that it offers to my patients, and I will brief state why and how a penis extender is the best enlargement method available on the market.

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Size and virility

Size and virility have always been praised in cultures throughout history ever since times immemorial, and have been clearly expressed through the use of phallic symbolism in paintings or sculptures.

Size has always been linked with strength and power, and we all know that everyone agrees on “the bigger, the better”, but what about the men who didn’t have the luck of being blessed with more length and girth in their penis?

I offer to give information to men who have always wished that their penises were longer and thicker. The size of a man’s penis naturally plays an important role in his self-confidence and pride as well as his overall wellbeing and sex life.

Men who have not been naturally endowed with length and girth in their penises, and who think that they are stuck for the rest of their lives with what mother nature initially endowed them with, they can effectively change this by using a penis extender.

Because surgical procedures for penis enlargement are notorious for their high risk of post operatory complications, it is understandable that many men are afraid to undergo these.

Surgery may cause permanent nerve damage, scars, and cost thousands. My test of devices employs a non-invasive method, and has been proven to be the most natural and harmless way to grow your penis, with visible and prolonged results that have been appreciated time after time by tens of thousands of satisfied customers around the world.


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Thousands of men have praised our blogs about penis extender. The British Journal of Urology International (BJUI) published a medical study conducted by two Italian doctors from the University of Turin (Marco Oderda and Paolo Gontero) in April 2011 regarding the method of non-invasive penis elongation. The article ascertaining the clinical and medical validity of the method we are blogging about.