MalePlus is a blog about how men can grow their penis through different methods. My name is Dylan Smith and I will guide you and your friend to a better life. My primary focus will be on extenders, how they work and why you need them. My blog will provide you with information about various types of penis extenders and how they work.  The size of a man’s penis naturally plays an important role in his self-confidence, pride, as well as his overall wellbeing and sex life.

Dylan Smith, M.D.

I am an American urologist currently working at Boston Medical Center, and ever since 2007, I been able to help dozens of men who were searching for an effective and natural method for penis enlargements.

I have praised our penis extender for the benefits that it offered to my patients, and I will brief state why and how a penis extender is the best enlargement method available on the market.

Medical degree from John Hopkins University School of Medicine, in United States of America, in 1993. From 1993 to 1998, I did my medical residency in Urology at the John Hopkins Hospital and became a fully licensed specialist. I have been a member of the American Urological Association (AUA) since 1999. From 2003 to 2009, I completed my doctorate in medicine with the thesis Macroscopic haematuria in urinary tract cancers, awarded Magna Cum Laude by the John Hopkins School of Medicine. I have also published various articles in international urology journals.

The method of a penis extender

Because the penis is a muscle, and a heavily vascularized one, the penis extender uses a method that works by taking advantage of a naturally occurring process in the human body called cell duplication.

By regularly and correctly wearing the Extender on the penis for a certain number of hours per day, the penis muscle fibers gradually train and stretch because of the microscopic tears in them; cell duplication then naturally occurs because of the microscopic tears in the muscle, it heals and steadily builds in length.

The device is made up on four parts: a ring for the base of the penis, a cast shape for the support of the head, and two extendable arms attached to the base to impose stretch on the penis and facilitate the process of cell duplication.

The ends of the arms are inserted into the notches in the ring present at the base of the penis, and the level of traction and stretch are adjusted using screws. The Extender is also easy to remove, without the need of dismantling it after every session.

It has been clinically proven by some of my international colleagues that traction is an effective way for men to increase the length and girth of their penis. To describe the method better, it works by expanding the penis through the use of the human body’s natural ability to adjust and expand under a certain repeated impact imposed on it over a period of time.

The process is called cytokinesis, and it involves the reproducing of cells. By stretching the penis with the Extender, its tissue is being gradually laid open; cells will steadily start to reproduce in the gabs between the fibers, and this will automatically lead to extra tissue mass over time.

This technique is identical with the one that the indigenous Hmong tribe in Thailand use to prolong their necks, or the Mursi tribe in Africa, where they fix plates of different sizes on their lips to enlarge them.

I’ve seen remarkable results over the past ten years with the patients to whom I recommended the Extender. I’ve witnessed significant growths of over a third in both length and girth, but not immediate. Indeed, it takes time for the patient to reach his desired results, but it is permanent and safe.

The device has a very intelligent design, and patients have confessed to me that it is very comfortable and easy to wear. It has a smart ergonomic design that permits them to wear it at anytime of the day, without feeling uneasy in any way.