How to get a bigger dick (in depth guide)

No matter how well-endowed men are, most of them dream about having a bit bigger dick. Men with a small dick even consider penis augmentation, which can do more harm than good. Luckily, we live in a modern world where options aren’t restricted and possibilities are endless.

Penis enlargement
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As a urologist, I regularly see dozens of men whose only request is, “I need to get penis enlargement surgery since I have a small penis.”

While there’s nothing funny about it, in most cases, men turn to penoplasty or penis enlargement surgery because of a lack of knowledge.

As effective as penoplasty can be, there are a few other methods to increase the size of your dick without going under the knife.

Be sure you learn about each of them before making your final choice. Here is how you can make your dick bigger in a very short time.

Penis Enlargement with Surgery

Let’s start with the seemingly quickest way to increase the penis size.

Just like women turn to breast augmentation despite other non-surgical ways to do it, more and more men turn to penoplasty, or phalloplasty, or penis enlargement.

Why seemingly? Because penis augmentation has more cons than pros. Let’s not forget that it’s a surgery that involves anaesthetic.

Lots of men choose a surgical way to enhance your penis width or length, without knowing that there are non-surgical methods of penis enlargement.

The biggest problem is, most of those men have penises of normal length. If you have a penis of almost normal length but want to increase it, a penis stretcher, for example, can do the trick.


Penis enlargement

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According to a scientific review, a lot of men who turn to penis enlargement usually have penises of normal length, however, they believe they have too small dicks.

This condition is psychologic and is called “penile dysmorphophobia.” Men suffering from this condition tend to turn to penis augmentation multiple times, which can seriously affect their health.

Does surgical treatment have any pros?

  • Better self-confidence
  • Better sexual function
  • Increased sense of potency and masculinity
  • Increased width and length of the penis
  • Permanent results

The pros are really impressive and they could make you consider penis enlargement right now.

Before you do, check out how it works and how dangerous it can be. Perhaps you didn’t know, but about a third of your dick is located beneath the pubic bone, inside your body.

The penis enlargement procedure involves releasing this hidden part of your penis, making it extend further a bit outside your body.

The procedure enhances the erect length and flaccid length of the penis.

The whole surgical treatment seems to be simple as it’s performed through a little groin incision that will soon be hidden under pubic hair, helping to cover scarring.

Even though a penis enlargement procedure usually results in a bit reduced erections, it’ll still help to maintain normal function.

penis enlargement

In case your scrotum is located higher on the penile shaft, a surgeon will partially disconnect it to make phallus appear longer.

This procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes on an outpatient treatment.

There are some other procedures used to increase the penis size, though.

For example, fat taken from a certain area of your body is transferred with the help of liposuction to enhance penis circumference.

The fat is transferred through a syringe to the penile shaft. Moreover, platelet-rich plasma taken from your own blood supply can be used to increase the penis size, too.

Why is it dangerous?

Penis enlargement with surgery is actually controversial and rare. First of all, the procedure increases the risk factor of the serious infections.

You’ll also have to deal with scarring and even experience a loss of function. Plus, your penis size may either stay the same or increase by about a ½ inch.

The treatment is irreversible and you might not be able to change anything about your penis size.  The less rigid erections and poor sensation are other symptoms of penis enlargement.

Finally, each penis enlargement procedure is astonishingly expensive and even if you don’t get the desired result, you might end up spending money in vain.

Luckily, there are non-surgical ways to increase your penis that don’t require plenty of money.

If you’re interested in more, read our article “I have a small penis: 3 different ways to grow your dick“.

Non-surgical penis enlargement treatments

Penis Enlargement with Stretching

There are a variety of devices that are supposed to help to improve the girth or length of the penis. Penis stretching can also be done using your hands only.

Although the result is temporary, safe stretching techniques can help you get a bigger dick.

According to a scientific report, the traction or stretching devices offer significant lengthening effects.

The results depend on how often you perform penis stretching and which method you use.

Stretching with a device can provide better results than any manual stretching exercises.

Regardless of which method you choose, make sure you stretch safely. If stretching causes any discomfort or pain, stop it.

In order to avoid penis injuries, I recommend doing stretching once or twice per day.

Before you try stretching exercise or a penis stretcher, talk to your doctor as each penis requires an individual approach.

A lot of patients come with red spots along their penile shaft and minor discoloration or bruising, complaining about the vein rupture, numbness, or/and itching during or after stretching.

This happens when patients don’t follow the instructions their doctors provided or they use low quality devices.

If you are interested in more information, you should read our article on penis augmentation.

Is penis stretching effective?

Penile extenders use traction to make your penis longer.

A research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine Trusted Source revealed that men with the average length flaccid penises were able to extend for over 1.5 centimeters after using a penile extender for about 3 months.

The con of using stretching devices is they can cause serious problems if you use them without a doctor’s advice.

Stretching exercises help to improve girth by regularly massaging the tissues along your penis length.

Almost each exercise involves your hands to perform a stretching massage.

That’s why it’s crucially important to do it carefully.

penis stretching

Manual stretching exercises aim to stretch the skin in your groin area and cause micro-tears in the tissue.

As these micro-tears heal, the tissues might look engorged and it makes your dick appear longer.

There are also exercises that help to enhance girth. Jelqing and other girth exercises are focused around tissue massage, as well.

On the other hand, penis stretchers show better results when compared to manual stretching exercises.

Not only are they effective at penis enlargement, but they also help to reduce the risk of injuries.

Penis Enlargement with Stretching Exercises

As mentioned above, stretching exercises can help to increase the size of the penis.

However, don’t expect the results overnight. It can take months – if not years – before you notice your dick is bigger than ever.

Stretching exercises aren’t recommended for men with various health issues. If you have no health problems, you can try the following stretching exercise.

Be careful, though. It’s important to not overdo it.

penis stretching

Moreover, ensure you do these stretching exercises when your penis is flaccid. While doing them, consider standing or sitting against a table or a wall.

Avoid doing these exercises too often. Even if you do them all day long, all you’ll get is an injury, so a little goes a long way.

Stretching exercises that improve the appearance and size of the penis

Exercise 1

Pulling your penis upward, gently grip your penis head. While doing it, place slight pressure on the area around your penis base.

Hold it for at least 10 seconds and release.

Repeat exercise once again but with your penis being pulled to the right, gently pressing the penis base on the left side.

Then, again, repeat the exercise but with your penis pulled to the left, gently pressing the penis base on the right side. Do exercise for a couple of minutes.

Exercise 2

Start with gently gripping your penis head. Stretch it out for approximately 10 seconds, pulling your penis upward, and release.

Keep pulling the penis to the right for 10 seconds, then to the left. Do the exercise for 3 to 5 minutes once a day.

penis enlargement

Exercise 3

Create an O shape with your thumb and index finger and place it at your penis base. Change your O shape until place gentle pressure on the penis shaft.

However, make sure you don’t feel any pain or discomfort. Start moving your thumb and index finger toward the penis head until you come to the tip.

Do the exercise for about 30 minutes daily.

Can Vacuum Constriction Devices Increase the Penis Size?

Penis pumps, vacuum pumps, or vacuum constriction devices are usually used to fix erectile dysfunction.

However, many patients confess they use these devices to “work out” their penis and make it look bigger.

The word look is essential, as penis pumps provide only temporary results, which can vanish within a few hours.

While a vacuum pump makes your dick appear bigger, overusing it can result in damaged tissues and cause the issues with your natural erections.

Penis enlargement

Vacuum pumps are considered to be effective in treating erectile dysfunction, but these devices are useless when it comes to increasing your penis size.

Not to mention that they have a lot of side effects.

If your partner has small penis, read our article “My boyfriend has a small penis – What can I do?“.

If you suffer from a significant congenital bleeding disorder or you have painful erections, forget about vacuum constriction devices.

They’re not recommended for men with weight issues. If you had prostate surgery, your doctor might recommend you to use a vacuum pump to boost the blood flow to your penis.

Penis Enlargement with a Penis Stretcher

I hear this question daily and I usually answer it after a full examination of the patient. First of all, the results of regular usage of a penis stretcher greatly depend on your health.

Your penis size and the quality of a penis stretcher are two other aspects that can impact the results.

Unlike vacuum constriction devices though, penis stretchers can provide permanent results.

Of course, you can’t turn your 4” or 6” penis to an 8” penis with a penis stretcher – even penis augmentation can’t promise such results.

Low-quality penis extenders can cause serious harm, so before you buy into an ad that promises this exact penis extender will change your sex life for good, do your own research and consult a doctor.

A penis extender is a device worn on the penis for 5 to 6 hours or overnight. The majority of penis extenders are made of plastics.

Some extenders come with rods that aid in the penis strengthening.

While others have traction springs that can help you to pull your penis to the extent you’re able to accommodate.

Many penis stretchers feature the ring-shaped bases, which should be placed on the pubic bone while being fitted over the penis.

Since penis extenders are easy to spot, the latest versions include the bands that pull the penis to the side, hiding the extender. Can you get a bigger dick this way?

The answer is usually, “yes.” Unlike penis augmentation though, penis extenders don’t provide fast results. However, they have fewer side effects than surgery.

penis enlargement

The whole idea of penis extenders is to stretch the flaccid penis step-by-step till it becomes larger in size. It’s possible to see this result after 3 to 6 months.

When used regularly, a penis stretcher stretches the penile tissues, stimulating the new penile cell growth after the old cell breakdown.

Not all penis extenders are designed for daily use. Even if you get the extender that you should wear daily, make sure you take breaks to avoid injuries.

Most popular penis extenders

  • JES Extender – Helps by applying a gentle traction force on it, setting cytokinesis into motion.
  • ProExtender – Developed and clinically tested in Denmark, ProExtender gives a permanent result.
  • X4 Labs – The stretcher works by stimulating a gentle intensity of traction force.
  • SizeGenetics – It works by placing a slight stretch to the penis, which increases bloodflow.
  • MaleEdge – This penis stretcher boasts a safe touch and is all about using a natural way of increasing the penis size.

You can wear your penis extender underneath clothing – it’s best if it’s very loose. However, it’s recommended to wear the extenders indoors.

Not only will you avoid surprised faces of your coworkers and strangers, but you’ll also avoid any possible injuries that can happen in overcrowded places like a bus.

There are many peniz extenders on the market, but only few of high quality – these are the penis extenders that are the most popular.

If your interested in reading more about male enhancement products, you might find this interesting “Top 13 male enhancement products – The best way to grow your dick“.

Can I get a bigger dick with a penis stretcher?

An independent clinical research published in the BJU International revealed that male who wore a penile extender daily for 6 months experienced the erectile function boost by more than 36% and the flaccid length increase of their penis by more than 32%.

The 12-month study involved 21 participants of the median age of 47, and 16 men were able to fully accomplish the study.

The median length of the male flaccid penile was 2.82 inches or 7.15 cm at the baseline and it becomes bigger by 32% to 3.72 inches or 9.45 cm at the end of the study.

penis stretcher

Of course, more research is needed to prove the effectiveness of penis extenders, but still, they do stay the best alternative to penis augmentation.

That’s because penis extenders can provide permanent results unlike stretching exercises, for example, which make dick bigger for a short while.

Lotions, Potions, Oils, and Pills: Do They Really Work?

Today, you can find a variety of the lotions, miracle potions, oils, pills, hormones, supplements, and herbal preparations designed for penis growth.

Unfortunately, there is no scientific evidence to prove that all those pills and lotions actually work.

In fact, many men came to me with horrible side effects that they got after using the products that promise to make your penis grow.

Penis enlargement

The pills, hormones, supplements, and herbal preparations may react or interfere with medications you might be taking on a regular basis.

The oils and lotions trigger skin issues, including irritation and breakouts in the groin area.

Before trying those products, especially supplements that aren’t regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, be sure you consult your doctor.

To be honest, any urologist, including me, would recommend you supplements or lotions for penis enhancement. They are just a waste of your money and effort.

The Final Word

Penis enlargement is a headache and a lot of psychologists strive to teach men with small penises to except this part of their bodies as it is.

Even though this is the right approach, most men strive to make their penises bigger.

Before you consider any penis enlargement methods mentioned above, ensure you actually have a small dick.

The problem is, a growing number of guys mistakenly believe they have small penises. In reality, their penises of normal size and they don’t need to enlarge them.

If you think your penis looks too small, it’s time to measure it.

The non-erect penis length doesn’t always predict the penis length when it’s erect. The next time you erect, see if your penis is at least 5 inches or 13 cm (or longer). If it does, you have a penis of an absolutely normal and healthy size.

If your penis is less than 3 inches or 7.5 cm when erect, you might have a condition called micropenis. Men with abnormally small penises tend to have trouble satisfying their partners during sex.

If you have a small penis or you simply want to increase your penis, which is of normal size, consider non-surgical methods first.

Stretching exercises can offer fantastic temporary results while penis stretchers can help you to get more permanent results.

Penis augmentation has its pros, as well. However, let’s not forget that it’s surgery and you never know how the treatment will end.

See your doctor and be honest about your problem. You’ll have a lower risk of experiencing any drawbacks penis enlargement methods offer.

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