Get a Bigger Penis: The Ultimate Guide

Just like women are dreaming about bigger boobs, men are dreaming about bigger penis. While women can live comfortably and enjoy great sex life with small breasts, men have problems in bedroom if they have small dicks. If you’re one of those men who strive to get a bigger penis and nothing except for surgical penis augmentation comes to your mind, read on.

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Nowadays, guys with small or average sized penises can easily increase their sizes in a non-surgical and even cost free way. It depends on how small your penis is and how healthy you are. Your lifestyle plays a crucial role, as well.

Multiple studies have shown that men who have unhealthy lifestyles are more likely to have problems with their penis size than those who eat healthy, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly.

Check out the ultimate guide to getting a bigger penis that includes all the information on how to determine your penis size, choose the most effective penis enlargement methods, and some male enhancement products

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Is your penis small?

Have you ever asked yourself whether your penis is really small? So many men with the average-sized dicks say, “I have a small penis,” without realizing the truth. Before you or your partner tells you that your dick is too short, talk to your doctor and ensure it’s really small.

Today, almost each guy takes measurements of his penis – especially if it appears micro. Around 45% of guys want a longer dick, including those men who actually have big penises. The average penis size varies and some estimates are absolutely misleading, making more guys experiencing anxiety about the size of their penises.

Research that involved over 15,000 men presented its own average penis size estimations. According to this estimation, the average length of the erect penis is about 5.17 inches (13.12 cm) and the average length of the non-erect penis is about 3.61 inches (9.16 cm). The penis longer than 6 inches when erect is rare.

According to a scientific review, a penis smaller than 2.75 inches (7 cm) is referred to as a micropenis. Men with micropenises tend to suffer from a small penis syndrome. Guys with the average sized penises are also prone to this condition.

Why is a penis small?

Hormonal disbalance is considered to be the leading cause of a micropenis. A constant or frequent exposure to toxic chemicals, such as pesticides, during pregnancy can suppress penis growth and trigger related birth abnormalities.

Furthermore, the lowered amount of testosterone in the body of a pregnant woman can result in micropenis in a baby boy. Apart from it, a lack of testosterone might result in a number of genital abnormalities.

penis growth

The amount of testosterone lowers in the body of a pregnant woman because the body stops producing a hormone like human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG).  Another reason is that a male fetus has trouble producing this steroid hormone. Meanwhile, the human chorionic gonadotropin stimulates the production of testosterone in the male fetus.

Even if the testosterone levels in both a fetus and a pregnant woman are normal, certain medical conditions might stop the fetus body from responding to the hormone in a correct way. This is called androgen insensitivity.

If any of the hormonal problems happen in a pregnant woman or a penis of a male fetus can grow in a correct way. The levels of testosterone in a baby boy usually begin increasing from the first days till three months. During this period of time, a baby boy’s penis starts to develop and grow.

If hormones change during this period, a baby boy has a risk of growing up with a micropenis or smaller penis.

There are also several diagnoses, which are linked to a small penis or a micropenis, including Laurence-Moon syndrome, abnormal chromosomes, Kallmann syndrome, growth hormone deficiencies, hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, or Prader-Willi syndrome.

Sometimes, a micropenis is a result of other infant problems, such as swelling in the baby’s scrotum. The increased fat pads surrounding the penis can make it less visible or appear smaller. It is a condition called a buried penis. Obese and overweight men tend to have buried penises.

What’s a small penis syndrome?

Also referred to as a penile dysmorphic disorder, a small penis syndrome is a sort of mental disorder that men with both small and large penises suffer from. Men dealing with the small penis syndrome don’t stop feeling anxious about the size of their manhood and they’re always on the lookout for the ways to enlarge it.

Statistics show that most guys who have this syndrome actually possess the average sized penises.

Men dealing with the penile dysmorphic disorder tend to avoid sex because they’re ashamed of their penis size. Even if their partners or doctors say that their penis sizes are normal, men suffering from the disorder keep mistakenly believing that their penises are too small or too short.

Guys with the small penis syndrome have the symptoms, such as weak sexual function, constant penis size comparison, distorted perception of the penis size, avoiding intimacy, anxiety, and depression.

Unless the penis size is really micro or small, a man suffering from small penis syndrome needs sex and cognitive behavioral therapies to overcome it.

What are the most popular penis enlargement products?

There’s a wide selection of penis enlargement products like penis enlargement patches and lotions, as well as male enhancement pills and supplements. The majority of these products haven’t been proven to help to enlarge a small penis, albeit they can aid in improving men’s health.

Furthermore, there are tons of scams that do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to look for certified male enhancement products.

For example, penis enlargement patches are all the rage right now since they offer quick results. No special skills or efforts are required. You just apply penis enlargement patches to your skin in the pelvic area and let it stay for a while.

These patches infiltrate the special male enhancement substance through the skin and then into the blood, increasing the blood flow in the pelvic area. You should apply these patches several times per day for up to 3 months before you could notice any results, albeit there’s no scientific research done to prove the efficiency of penis enlargement patches.

There are also penis enlargement lotions, which don’t work at all. Penis enlargement pills and male enhancement supplements have been shown to be more effective than patches and lotions. However, they don’t promote penis growth, either.

Be careful with the pills as they might contain unhealthy ingredients that trigger different health problems. Supplements usually contain herbs, such as barberry, yohimbe, puamam, maca, tribulus, horny goat weed, passionflower, and others. Although supplements don’t increase the penis size, they help to make stronger erections.

Can surgery help to increase the penis size?

Not only does surgery helps to increase the penis size, but it’s also considered to be the fastest penis enlargement method. Unfortunately, not all male enhancement surgical treatments are successful and often men face serious complications.

For instance, augmentative phalloplasty is a renowned procedure that helps to make a small penis wider in girth. This surgical treatment involves borrowing a small part of the fat from some part of the body and transferring it to the penis.

As a result, a penis becomes half-inch longer and wider – particularly when it’s flaccid. The drawback is that you risk ending up with a lumpy dick. The outcome of each male enhancement surgery is always unpredictable.

penis enlargement

Most of the penis enlargement surgical procedures are often called “experimental surgery” and therefore it’s always hard to predict the results. In many cases, it’s extremely difficult or even impossible to fix complications.

If you’re considering augmentative phalloplasty or any other surgical treatment, choose the right hospital, which is specialized in penis enlargement. Do careful research on your potential hospital by reading real feedback, checking documents, and consulting different medical experts.

Penis stretching exercises can help you get a bigger penis

Penis stretching exercises are incredibly popular these days. They do help to enlarge your short penis, but the truth is, the male enhancement results these exercises offer are temporary.

Unless you aim to do penis stretching exercises every single day, your dick will reduce in size after you stop. The whole idea of these exercises is to ensure the blood chambers inside the penis receive enough blood, expanding the erectile tissues and increasing the size of the penis.

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Daily penis stretching exercises will jump start the process of the split of the cells, which form the blood chambers. With time, these blood chambers will increase in size by storing more blood inside the divided cells. These cells grow gradually, absorbing more amount of blood.

If you perform penis stretching exercises on daily basis, the chambers will get more blood and grow in size, enhancing your penis size. Even if you don’t enlarge your penis, you’ll improve your erections and overall manhood health thanks to regular penis stretching exercises.

What’s a penis extender all about?

A penis extender is a penis traction device that helps to permanently increase the penis size in a non-surgical way. It’s safe and budget-friendly when compared with surgical treatments. But, does a penis extender truly work? Which one to choose?

Nowadays, there are tons of penis extenders to choose from. While penis extenders look similar, each of them can work on its own principles. The effectiveness of penis stretchers greatly depends on the device’s quality. If you opt for a low-quality penis stretcher, you’ll have an increased risk of negative consequences.

Typically, penis stretchers consist of a ring-shaped base fit over the manhood root and stay on the pubic bone, a flexible band that has to slip over the penile head, and a couple of calibrated and adjustable rods, extending from the penile base.

Penis traction device

A high-quality penis traction device allows your penis to stay in traction for up to 4 hours a day for at least half a year. Healthy stretching of the penis regularly helps to evoke a growth process in the pelvic area, stimulating the production of many new tissue cells.

A regular traction applied on the penis triggers an extension of the small penis. Keep in mind that it’s vital to take short breaks to give your penis enough time for rest. Moreover, these breaks will provide the body with a lot of time for rebuilding the stretched tissues. There are penis extenders that you can wear overnight in case you have no opportunity to use your device.

Each penis extender has its own functions and offers different results, depending on the initial penis size and the quality of the device. When compared with male enhancement products like supplements or patches, penis extenders have been clinically proven to really enlarge a small penis.

male enhancement

Sure, you shouldn’t expect the device to make your dick miraculously grow in inches. Yes, the growth is permanent and visible. Penis extenders have minimal drawbacks like discomfort and pain. If you use a low quality device or you use it incorrectly, you can get an injury.

A research done by Italian scientists found that penis extenders increase the length of the penis more than other penis enlargement methods. 72 men took part in this research and they used three various kinds of penile extenders.

The results showed that medium flaccid length enlarged by 0.20 to 1 inch (0.5 cm to 2.3 cm). Almost all men taking part in the research experienced no drawbacks. Some guys had temporary penis discoloration, bruises, itching, and pain.

Top penis extenders to consider

It’s important to choose the right penis extender in order to achieve your male enhancement goal faster. Here are a few suggestions to consider:

Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition

The Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition device is safe to use as it’s scientifically proven and medically sufficient. The stretcher is easy to use, customizable, high quality, and lightweight. Thanks to a special comfort system, this penis extender is ideal for longer wear.

The Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition device was approved by a host of medical experts and it meets all of the requirements of penis traction device manufacturing. The extender is Type 1 CE Certified as a medical device and it’s available almost worldwide.

The stretcher has the modern double-strap support system, which offers the high comfort levels and wards off slippage. You can see the first penis enlargement results within the first month after regular usage of it.

The extender is also noted for its exceptional engineering and modern technology that ensure non-surgical and safe penis enhancement. When buying the Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition, there are two options to consider. There are the all-inclusive Deluxe Edition stretcher and a penis extender only. The one you’ll choose greatly depends on your budget and needs.

The extender is compact and usually uses 4,000 gram of traction to enhance the length and girth of the manhood by a few inches within 3 to 6 months. The Quick Extender Pro Deluxe Edition isn’t recommended for overnight wear or post-op penile tissue training frequently.

The extender is also often used to treat Peyronie’s disease. There are a lifetime warranty and a money-back guarantee refund.

penis stretchers


Created in Denmark, MaleEdge is a penis extender known for its innovative features that help guys with short dicks enlarge the size of their penis in a non-surgical way. The extender also aids in improving sexual health and the erectile function due to its capacity to boost the blood circulation in genitals. Regular usage of the MaleEdge extender will ensure better sexual endurance and more powerful erections.

Guys who are looking to increase the penis in circumference and length alike should wear the extender for up to 6 months. MaleEdge is considered to be one of the best quality penis stretchers and thus it can be effective in treating Peyronie’s disease and correcting penile curvature. The extender is good for both circumcised and uncircumcised dicks.

The manufacturer promises that your erect penis can increase in size by 10% in just 2 to 3 months of regular usage and by 19% in thickness and 28% in length in 4 to 6 months of regular usage.


The SizeGenetics penis extender is often recommended by medical and sexual health experts and it’s clinically tested and proven. Moreover, the stretcher is certified and a lot of studies have been done to prove its efficiency.

The SizeGenetics penis traction device has been recognized as one of the best extenders for many years. Sure, like any other penis extender in the industry, SizeGenetics do have some side effects, but if you use the device correctly, you might not experience them.

The SizeGenetics penis extender is considered to be one of the most comfortable stretchers in the industry. It offers 2,800 grams of tension for safe and fast penis enhancement. Moreover, the SizeGenetics stretcher is renowned for its 58-way complete comfort system that let you can use it for a few hours without experiencing skin pinching, pain, or irritation. Men diagnosed with Peyronie’s disease can use SizeGenetics to alleviate the symptoms.

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The official SizeGenetics website offers the “My Diary” page, which allows its users to keep track of their progress and even compare their devices and results with others. Among lots of penis extenders, SizeGenetics provides the strongest tension possible and aids in increasing arousal and strengthening sexual stamina.

The device is good for penile girth and erectile dysfunction. One of the drawbacks of SizeGenetics is that it’s difficult to clean and it has a lot of tiny parts that are easy to lose.

There’s a double refund in case you aren’t satisfied with the extender or your small penis doesn’t grow in size. However, keep in mind that it takes around 6 months to notice any male enhancement results.

Jes Extender

Being clinically tested, the Jes Extender device is highly effective in penis enlargement. Jes Extender has been thriving on the market for a decade or so and it means this extender is worth your attention. In reality, the Jes Extender penis traction device is the first penis enlargement device developed in a lab.

It enhances the penis size by causing tears in the erectile cells and making them repair. Once they’re repaired, new tissues begin to develop, increasing the size of the penis length and girth alike.

The Jes Extender device is made from best quality, hypoallergenic materials, lowering the risk of developing allergic reactions, discomfort, or pain. It’s highly durable and effective. Jes Extender is available in six different packages. You should pick the one based on your penis size and male enhancement goals. There’s also a double refund so your purchase will be absolutely risk-free.

You can wear the Jes Extender device regardless of the time of the day or night. There are no strict rules on the preferred times to use the device, the traction amount, and the overall procedures. Yes, ensure you stick to the moderation rule.  You can notice the first penis enlargement results after 2 to 3 months of regular usage.


The ProExtender device was approved by the FDA and it’s clinically tested to prove the device’s abilities to enhance the penis length. This stretcher will help you take a full control of your ejaculation and prevent or cure some of the most common manhood problems, such as bent penis, in a non-surgical way.

The ProExtender device is safe to use and it can help to increase the volume of semen flow and sexual function.

penis traction device

ProExtender can be purchased in 29 countries globally and it’s recognized as the only legitimate male enhancement product in the industry. The extender works by pulling the penis, stimulating the cell expansion. Over time, the new tissue growth makes a small penis grow in size.

The price bites but you can use a 6-month money back guarantee to get your cash back if your small penis doesn’t enlarge. ProExtender helps to increase a short penis by around 20% in length in 16 weeks.

If you’re afraid of surgical penis enlargement or you have no money for it, you can still get permanent penis growth thanks to top quality penis extenders.

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