Longer Penis: Increase the Length (Guaranteed)

If you’re trying to increase the length of your manhood, there are a few methods you can use to promote better blood circulation in the pelvic area. These methods – either permanently or temporarily – help your penis to get fully erect.

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When you’re enlarging your penis length in a natural way and want this result to be more permanent, make sure you alter your eating habits, work out regularly, and drop some weight around the midsection.

Surgical penis enhancement has become increasingly popular these days, but both medical experts and researchers are sure that surgery should be the last option on the list. Why?

First of all, it’s because surgery has a lot of side effects, depending on the treatment you’d choose. Secondly, it’s unbelievably expensive – no wonder many men run into big debts after surgery.

Surgical penis enhancement has become increasingly popular these days, but both medical experts and researchers are sure that surgery should be the last option on the list. Why? First of all, it’s because surgery has a lot of side effects, depending on the treatment you’d choose. Secondly, it’s unbelievably expensive – no wonder many men run into big debts after surgery.



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Is your penis really short?

First things first. The majority of men entering my urologist’s room, start their conversations like, “I have a small penis.” In most cases, I react to it with questions like, “Are you sure?” “Why do you think so?”

I ask these questions before doing any measurements because a lot of guys with normal sized penises suffer from a small penis syndrome and they don’t realize that their problem isn’t a penis size.

penis externder

Whether it’s your partner who told you that your penis is short or you’ve watched porn where the penis size is highly exaggerated. The problem is, guys set a small penis diagnosis themselves and sometimes this action results in serious consequences.

If you have a normal sized penis, it’s okay if you want to make it a bit longer with the help of a penis extender or penis stretching exercises. Surgery is the worst option here.

If you have a short penis, again, a penis extender or penis stretching exercises might help you to increase its length in a non-surgical and budget-friendly way. Unless you’re diagnosed with a micropenis, surgery might be the only best option for you. So what’s the average penis length?

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The average penis length is shorter than you might think.  15,521 men took part in one research  that showed that the average length of the erect penis is 5.17 inches (13.12 cm) while the average length of non-erect one is 3.61 inches (9.16 cm.)

According to another scientific review, a micropenis is a penis shorter than 2.75 inches (7 cm). Micropenis isn’t a short penis only; it’s a serious condition that’s treated in a specific way. If your penis is longer than 3 inches but shorter than 5 inches, then your dick is short and you can start working on increasing its length.

What’s a small penis syndrome?

Let’s bring our attention to a small penis syndrome that many modern guys are suffering from. A small penis syndrome usually happens due to comparison habit or unfair partner’s complaints.

A small penis syndrome is called a penile dysmorphic disorder. This disorder leads to anxious feelings about their bodies. Though, most men diagnosed with a small penis syndrome have normal sized dicks.

Penis enlargement

One of the earliest signs of a small penis syndrome is the avoidance of intimacy or talking about sex and penis sizes. The most common symptoms of a penile dysmorphic disorder include:

  • A weak sexual function or absence of it at all
  • Obsession with pornography and constant comparison
  • The fear of sex
  • Taking about a penis length is taboo.

If you suffer from a small penis syndrome, you don’t need any male enhancement products or surgery. You will need to undergo sex therapy as well as cognitive behavioral therapy to treat the problem in a safe way. In case your penis is really short, besides therapies, you’ll also need to opt for effective penis enlargement methods.

What’s the least effective male enhancement method?

The growing number of ads promoting “miraculous” male enhancement pills, creams, ointments, and supplements are just a waste of money and time. Although most sellers offer various money-back guarantees, you might not get your money back and you risk hurting your health.

male enhancement

Medical experts claim that all those male enhancement products are ineffective and unsafe. Most importantly, almost all those male enhancement products are sold illegally, and only few of them have been medically approved or/and clinically tested.

Regardless of how long you’ve been taking male enhancement pills or supplements, you won’t get a bigger dick. You might improve your erections, but not increase the length of your short buddy.

When it comes to penis enlargement, penis stretching exercises or penis extenders are better options. In rare cases, surgery is the only option.

What’s the fastest way to increase the penis length?

When it comes to penis augmentation, most men are wondering if there’s any quick way to enhance the penis size. The answer is yes, but before you consider this option, think about the consequences that you might face down the road.

Surgery is a really quick male enhancement method that involves different techniques and treatments. However, it’s highly expensive and too risky. Unless your penis is curved, surgery must be your last option.

penis extenders

Penile enlargement surgery isn’t for guys who have chronic diseases, weak immunity, or other health problems. Oftentimes, healthy guys experience serious side effects after a surgical treatment.

Before you decide to undergo a surgical treatment to increase the length of your penis, you should find a clinic with a good reputation. There are many unlicensed clinics that offer penis augmentation and take money, but don’t guarantee any results.

Unsuccessful scarring in the pelvic area is one of the side effects of surgical treatments. There’s also an increased risk of inflammation, infections, and nerve injury. The worst fact is that surgical penis enlargement can make your penis look shorter than it was before the treatment.

There’s no money-back guarantee for unsuccessful penis enhancement surgery. There’s also no guarantee that you’ll survive unsuccessful anesthesia, so pick your clinic wisely.

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Also, be ready to accept the fact that your penis might alter its form after treatment. This is because of the cut through the suspensory ligament. This means that your penis can curve downward when it’s erect.

Surgical penis enlargement can also lead to fibrosis or/and erectile dysfunction. If the treatment involves the usage of the penile implants, there’s an increased risk of allergic reactions or abnormal penis curvature. It depends on the quality of the implants.

Can penis stretching exercises provide permanent results?

If you want to make your short penis appear longer, you can do it without spending a dime. The reason why men choose the pills and supplements rather than penis stretching exercises is that the latter requires consistency and effort.

Penis stretching exercises, including jelqing and kegeling, can really help you to increase the length of your penis. Besides its wonderful penis enlargement abilities, these exercises can aid in preventing premature ejaculation when done regularly and correctly.

penis augmentation

The penis stretching exercises involve repetitive stretching motions that boost your blood circulation in the pelvic area and make a short penis appear bigger. In order to stimulate penis growth and make the results last, I recommend you to do penis stretching exercises on a regular basis for 6 months or the whole year.

When you perform penis stretching exercises, you should remember that the results aren’t permanent.  That’s why it’s critical to do exercises regularly. The possible side effects can be penile redness and/or soreness if you’ve just started doing penis stretching exercises. If you have any manhood problems, many stretching exercises are absolutely contra-indicated.

Some of the best penis stretching exercises that help to increase the length of a penis are:

  1. Jelqing

With the thumb and index finger create an O-shaped figure. Place it at the penis base, slightly pressuring the penis shaft. Start moving your index finger and thumb slowly toward the penis head until you get to the penis tip. If you feel discomfort or pain, lower the pressure. Do jelqing for 20 to 30 minutes each day. In order to see the first results, you should do it daily for at least 3 months or so.

  1. Manual penis lengthening

Hold the head of the penis and pull it upward. Gently stretch it out for at least 10 seconds. Then, pull it to the left for 15 seconds and to the right for another 15 seconds. Do it 2 times per day for 5 minutes. It may take 6 months before you get a longer penis.

Is there any non-surgical way to permanently increase the penis length?

Researchers have conducted hundreds of studies to find out if there’s any non-surgical way to increase the penis length so that the new penile size stayed for good. It turned out that this method exists and it’s the best alternative to surgical penis augmentation these days.

The difference is that surgery is still a faster method. Penis extenders have widely been used worldwide and the results are impressive. One research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine revealed that males with the average length flaccid penises increased their penile length by 0.6 inches or 1.5 cm after 3 months of daily usage of a penis stretcher.

A penis stretcher, also called a penis extender, involves a male enhancement procedure that brings the results similar to the ones orthopedic surgery provides. The extender helps to enhance the length of the penis through the traction process that is characterized by constant pressure placed onto the penile corpora cavernosa, causing the cell breakdown and cell reproduction.

This process stimulates the new cell formation and helps your penis to hold more blood in the pelvic area.

By using a penis traction process daily, you can extend the penis length permanently. Moreover, this process wards off premature ejaculation and can help to fix a penile curvature.

Apart from treating erection issues, a penis extender helps to boost a man’s self-confidence and overall sexual life. The key is to find a high quality penis extender. There are many cheap extenders on the market these days, and those cheap counterfeits offer nothing but side effects.

They cause discomfort, pain, injuries, and little to no penis enhancement. That’s why it’s important to choose the extender of the highest quality you could afford.

Top 3 popular quality penis extenders

The following extenders have been medically and clinically tested and approved and they have been shown to provide permanent penis enhancement results. Be sure to consult your doctor to ensure which one is the best for you:

  1. ProExtender

The ProExtender device is approved by the FDA and helps to increase both the length and width of the penis.  This penis extender also aids in curing and preventing a plethora of male health issues, including a bent penis. The device uses the traction method, which is versatile and safe. The ProExtender device can be used daily, albeit moderation is still critical.

This legitimate penis enlargement product that’s available in 29 countries worldwide will help to boost the semen flow volume, make your dick longer, and enhance your sexual life.

ProExtender promotes male enhancement by pulling a dick in a gradual and gentle way, triggering the cell expansion and increasing the penile size. In order to reach your dream penis size result, make sure you’re careful and consistent and you use the stretcher daily for six months.

There’s a 6-month money back guarantee, if you won’t be satisfied with the results. In general, the results are permanent and you can increase your penis by 20% in length in just four months. During the first 8 weeks, you can notice your manhood grow in length by 13% to 14%.

  1. Jes-Extender

One of the oldest penis extender brands in the industry, Jes-Extender has been improving the lives of men with short penises for more than 24 years in a row. Thanks to its proven penile enhancement system, the Jes-Extender device helps to make a short penis longer in less than 6 months.

Besides male enhancement abilities, this device helps to enhance sexual health, too.  The extender uses a clinically-tested, science-backed, medically approved, and 100% efficient traction method.

Medical experts can recommend the Jes-Extender penis stretcher to aid in eliminating the erectile dysfunction symptoms, boosting sexual stamina, and improving erections. The Jes-Extender device is also helpful at correcting penile curvature and treating Peyronie’s disease.

penis enlargement

The Jes-Extender penis stretcher is highly durable, hypoallergenic, safe, and absolutely easy to use. There are different packages of Jes Extender to choose from, depending on your needs or medical expert’s recommendations.

Every Jes Extender package has been created to meet specific needs. Like other top quality extenders, Jes Extender has the money back guarantee but it’s a double refund guarantee, so by investing in this penis stretching device, you have no risks at all.

One of the most prominent features of Jes Extender is the ability to wear it anytime and almost anywhere. You can wear the stretcher overnight if you feel comfortable sleeping while wearing this extender. The official Jes Extender website has the blog section so you can find out a lot of tips on how to use Jes-Extender to the fullest.

  1. SizeGenetics

Another first-class penis extender known worldwide, the SizeGenetics device is clinically tested and 100% effective. The extender is safe to use and it ensures both length and girth penis enlargement. Moreover, the SizeGenetics device offers extra comfort as well as the pain-free and non-surgical male enhancement process.

The SizeGenetics penis extender involves the traction force, which is put onto the penis, significantly stretching the length of your penis. However, it’s vital to know how to wear the SizeGenetics device correctly. If you experience any discomfort or pain, it’s an indication that you wear the device in the wrong way.

The extender uses cytokinesis, which is the process that plays an important role in male enlargement. This process stimulates new cell production and once the number of new cells starts to grow, your manhood might become larger and thicker in size.

How does it work? The SizeGenetics device produces tons of tension levels, which is known for powerful penis growth properties. The extender’s enhancement system design prevents the device from slipping off, reducing the likelihood of the pain or discomfort when you wear it for up to 6 hours.  The male enhancement results are permanent.

The manufacturer claims that it’s possible to make the penis longer by nearly 1.5 inches or 3.81 cm. However, it’s crucial to use the extender on a regular basis for about 6 months. If you stop using the SizeGenetics device, you don’t have to worry about it as the results are permanent.

If you have a short penis and you’re looking for the way to increase the length of it, think twice before choosing male enhancement products and methods. Some of them are harmful, so start with non-surgical ones like penis extenders or penis stretching exercises.

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