Myths and Truths about Male Enhancement

If you want to enlarge the size of your small penis fast and without surgery, penis stretching is what you need right now. What is penis stretching? This is the process of enhancing the penis size manually or with the help of a special penis traction device.

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Male enhancement is a hot topic right now, as men become more open and aren’t afraid to recognize their needs or issues. Whether a man has a short penis, a micropenis, or a normal-sized penis, he definitely considers male enhancement options at least once in his lifetime. Regardless of the statements that penis size plays no role in sex life, it does and sometimes it has a negative impact on the whole relationship.

Before you consider multiple male enhancement options existing these days, it’s important to know all those myths and truths about penis enlargement. For instance, you can’t make your penis grow by just taking some well-advertised supplements. Or, you can’t make it appear longer by simply making some stretching exercises. 

Read on to learn more about male enhancement truths and facts and find out the best, non-surgical way to increase your penis size permanently. Let’s start with myths:

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10 Myths about Male Enhancement

In a pursuit of successful male enhancement, men have adopted a lot of false beliefs about how to increase the size of a small penis. The following myths do nothing but just steal time, money, and effort of those who are serious about penis enlargement.

  1. Male enhancement pills increase a small penis size

That’s absolutely untrue. There’s a wide selection of male enhancement pills available on the market these days, but no well-advertised pill is able to increase the size of a small penis. Worse, most male enhancement pills are unsafe and can trigger serious health issues. 

The high-quality male enhancement pills can help you to boost your erections and sex drive, and thus improve your partner’s sexual pleasure. Men with small penises take male enhancement pills or supplements and use a penis extender, at the same time. This way, they achieve a longer dick and a harder erection.

In case you want to try any male enhancement pills or supplements, talk to a medical expert first. Moreover, look for the pills or supplements, which include only natural ingredients.

  1. Male enhancement lotions do work

The beauty of a “smart” ad is that it can make people start believing in unbelievable. The ads of male enhancement lotions are similar to the ads of anti-aging facial lotions. Both are ineffective and are just a waste of your hard-earned money. Lotions can improve the elasticity of the skin in the pelvic area, though.

  1. Penis stretching exercises provide permanent penis enlargement

Penis stretching exercises, particularly jelqing, are becoming more popular these days. Do they work? While these exercises aids in stimulating the blood flow from the penile base to the head of the penis, the hand-over-hand motions can’t guarantee permanent penis enlargement.

The concept of penis stretching exercises lies in elongating part of the skin in the pelvic area, causing micro-tears in the erectile tissue. When the healing process begins, the tissue gets engorged, so a small penis starts looking bigger.

A lot of men perform penis stretching exercises since it’s free and is a less painful option than surgery. No research has proven that penis stretching exercises provide permanent penis enlargement, though. Even if you notice some penis enhancement result, it can disappear as soon as you stop doing exercises.

  1. Surgical penis augmentation is more effective than penis extenders

In some cases surgical penis augmentation is more effective than penis extenders. However, in most cases a penis extender can enlarge a small dick. There are several facts proved my research that state about effectiveness of most penis extenders. According to a study, a penis stretcher does help to increase the size of a small penis. This device aids in enhancing the penis size by 28-30% in length and more than 19% in girth.

Surgical male enhancement can offer similar results, but let’s not forget about the risks that each surgical process possesses. There are a few types of surgical penis enlargement treatments, including widening and lengthening a small penis. According to The American Urologic Association, these surgical treatments could be ineffective or risky.

Some of the most common side effects of surgical penis enlargement are erection issues, poor penile sensitivity, nerve damage, and infections. The penile widening treatment can leave a man with an uneven, lumpy, and bumpy penis. Scarring is another issue, as it can make a penis look even smaller than it was before surgery.

  1. Male enhancement can treat a small penis syndrome

A small penis syndrome, also known as a penile dysmorphic disorder, is a mental disorder that affects guys with small and big penises alike. Guys diagnosed with a small penis syndrome have trouble accepting their penis size and they’re constantly trying to find a way to enhance it. The worst thing about it is that they’re never satisfied with their penis size even after surgical penis augmentation. 

According to recent statistics, many men suffering from a small penis syndrome have the normal-sized dicks. That’s why male enhancement can’t help to treat a small penis syndrome. Special sex and cognitive behavioral therapies are required to solve this disorder.

  1. Penis extenders are harmful

There’s no proven fact that penis extenders are harmful, but it’s critically important to choose the device correctly. Indeed, low-quality extenders tend to do more harm than good – especially, if you use them incorrectly. However, a high-quality penis extender is totally safe to use. 

There are many penis traction devices on the market today so make sure you know your needs and you know exactly your penis size. Once you choose the extender that will meet your requirements and learn how to use it correctly, you can increase the size of your little buddy in a safe way.

  1. It’s impossible to permanently enlarge a normal-sized penis in a non-surgical way

Ideally, guys with normal-sized dicks don’t need any male enhancement, but some of them turn to penis enlargement for multiple reasons. Some want to improve sex life and satisfy their partners better, while others just want to increase their confidence – especially if they had unsuccessful life in the past. 

Although it seems to be easier to turn to surgical penis enlargement for faster results, normal-sized penis isn’t a micropenis. This means that you can make your penis bigger in a non-surgical way. All you need to do is to find a high quality penis extender and use it regularly.

  1. Penis stretchers help to increase penis size in a month

Although a penis stretcher has scientifically been proven to increase the size of a small or average-sized penis by 19% in thickness and 28-30% in length, it usually takes 4 to 6 months before you can see the first prominent results. If you see a manufacturer promising you a male enhancement device that could help you increase your penis size in less than a month, be extra careful.

High-quality, medically proven extenders won’t probably help you achieve your male enhancement goal in 4 weeks, but they do ensure permanent results. No matter how promising an ad is, don’t buy into this myth.

  1. A 5-inch penis is considered to be small

Do you know the average size of men’s penises? Is your penis small, normal-sized, or big? There’s a myth that men with 5-inch penises need penis enlargement. In reality, they don’t. The study that involved more than 15,000 guys of different ages showed that the average erect penis length is about 5.2 inches (or 13.12 cm) and the average flaccid penis length is about 3.6 inches (or 9.16 cm). Furthermore, the average penis circumference size in erect state is about 4.6 inches (or 11.66 cm) and about 3.7 inches (or 9.31 cm) in flaccid state.

When a penis is shorter than 2 inches (or 5 cm), it’s called a micropenis. This is a serious disorder that requires surgical treatments. Adult men who have micropenises produce reduced sperm amount and have an increased risk of infertility.

  1. Vacuum contraption can change your penis size

No matter how expensive your vacuum contraception is, it will never change your penis size. The popular penis pumps, for instance, can help you increase your penis size for several minutes or so, but not permanently. You can use vacuum contraception to instantly improve your sex experience, though.

8 Truths about Male Enhancement

Although the majority of male enhancement products have got a bad reputation, there’s one device that does provide permanent penis enhancement. As mentioned above, it’s a penis extender. Penis extenders are different, though. Here are a few truths you should know about male enhancement:

  1. Not all penis extenders are the same

While penis extenders can look similar, they work differently. You can choose and experiment with at least 5 penis stretchers and you’ll soon realize that each one has the approach to penis enhancement, which is absolutely not the same.

As a whole, a penis extender is created to place traction onto the corpora cavernosa in the male genital organ, making cells break away and double. When these cells duplicate and accumulate, it lets a penis keep more blood, enlarging in size. Plus, it helps to achieve harder and longer erections, reduce penile curvatures, and even ward off premature ejaculation.

Despite possessing this same function, not all penis extenders are the same. The subtle differences, such as various ways of using this device or having different materials, could define the difference between extreme chaffing and comfort.

That’s why it’s critical to pay attention to the tiniest details of a penis extender. Pay attention to materials that the device is designed from. Ideally, it should be made of certified Medical Type 1 materials. 

Some penis extenders offer one or two ways of wearing them. The device that features both a noose and a strap provides more comfort. Most extenders feature only a noose, which creates a loop under the penis head and can cause slippages if your penis shape is different. The strap helps to avoid slippages, ensuring more comfortable traction.

  1. Not all penises are straight 

When choosing a male enhancement device, men often forget about the shape of their penises. Most penis extenders, for instance, are designed for straight penises. If your dick isn’t straight, consider this fact when choosing male enhancement method. Regardless of the degree of your penis curvature, it’s possible to find the device that will fix this issue and increase your penis size.

  1. There are 16 ways of wearing a penis extender

Do you think there’s only one way you can wear a penis stretcher? If you choose a top quality extender, you can wear it in 16 different ways for extra comfort and faster results. It’s thanks to protection pad, silicon noose, comfort strap, non -slip protech matt strap, and fabric covered latex head grip. Low quality extenders offer 1 to 3 ways of wearing while top quality devices provides a diversity of wearing them.

  1. Penis extender is the best alternative to surgery

A lot of research has been done to find the most effective alternative to surgical penis enlargement. Among all male enhancement methods available these days, a penis extender remains the best way to enlarge a small penis in a non-surgical way. Of course, there are situations when surgery is inevitable and faster, but overall, you can achieve successful penis enlargement results in 4 to 6 months by using a high-quality penis stretcher.

  1. Penis extender can treat Peyronie’s disease

Peyronie’s disease is a scarring and curving or bending of the penis, which makes it hard for men to have sex. Earlier this disease was treated with multiple injections, which were very painful. Today, it’s possible to manage the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease with the help of a penis extender. Again, not every extender is designed to treat Peyronie’s disease. Read the instructions or consult a medical expert when choosing your penis extender.

  1. Surgical penis enlargement can make a short penis look shorter

There are penis length surgery and penis girth surgery, which help to fix a small penis or a micropenis. However, each surgical procedure has its drawbacks and even risks. Anesthesia is an issue, albeit the types of surgical techniques impact the end result. 

Some techniques to enlarge penis girth usually involve the process of injecting fat, which is taken from a certain area of the body, into your penis. There are random evidences that show that this procedure helps to increase the circumference of a small penis by 0.55 – 1.57 inches (or 1.4-4 cm.) 

There are also evidences that state that men who underwent the procedure experienced complications like scarring, disfigurement, infection and lumpiness. The biggest issue with injecting fat into the penis is that the body will re-absorb that fat over time and the penis can become small in size again.

Another technique involves the process of pulling back the penile skin to wrap a biodegradable frame that resembles a tube and is filled with the cells of the tissue around the shaft. Penis length surgery involves the process of cutting the ligament that connects the pubic bone and the penis and doing a skin graft at the penile base to make the dick appear longer. 

Penis length surgery can help to increase the length of the flaccid penis by 0.79 inch (or 2 cm). You’ll see no changes when your penis is erect, though.

  1. Penis extender is considered both cosmetic and medical

Even though a penis extender is more cosmetic these days, it has long been used for a variety of medical purposes. Many medical experts believe that a small penis isn’t a disease and it’s possible to have a great sex life with it. However, a small dick is a big issue for men. Penis extenders help to significantly enlarge penis size. They’re also used for medical purpose to relieve the symptoms of Peyronie’s disease. The latest models of penis extenders offer a diversity of features and thus you can use them to increase the size of a short dick and treat Peyronie’s disease at the same time. That’s why, a penis extender is considered to be both cosmetic and medical.

  1. Health insurance companies can cover penis extenders

If your doctor prescribes you a penis extender, a health insurance company can cover your expenses. However, doctors tend to prescribe penis extenders for medical purposes only. If your goal is to just increase your penis size, a health insurance company might not cover it. 

Top popular penis extender to consider

With a wide range of penis extenders with different features and of different sizes, it’s hard to choose the most effective one. As mentioned before, not all of penis extenders are the same and some of them don’t work at all. Low quality devices have side effects, which is why try to find a high-quality stretcher. Our top pick is MaleEdge and here’s why:


MaleEdge is a highly popular penis extender used in many parts of the world. This extender aids in enlarging the size of a small or normal-sized penis, as well as can help treat some common men’s health problems. The MaleEdge device has the latest features in the male enhancement industry and you can compare its penis enlargement result with surgical penis augmentation. 

Designed in Denmark, the MaleEdge extender guarantees top quality, high effectiveness, and successful penis enlargement. It works by improving the blood flow in the pelvic area. The extender helps to ward off and treat erectile dysfunction and other men’s health problems. MaleEdge aids in boosting stamina, and stimulating better sexual endurance and harder erections. The result doesn’t happen overnight and it depends on your penis size and overall health.

You’ll need to use the extender for 3 to 6 months before you notice any male enhancement result. Moreover, the MaleEdge device might help to treat penile curvature and ease the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease. It’s a good device for both circumcised and uncircumcised small and normal-sized penises.

You can find three MaleEdge packages created for different needs. It’s important to know your exact penis size and set a realistic goal before choosing the right package for you. The MaleEdge manufacturer guarantees successful male enhancement, or you’ll get your money back. Your erect penis size can enhance by 10% if you wear a penis extender on a regular basis for 2 to 3 months. You can increase your small penis by 28-30% in length and around 19% in the thickness by using the MaleEdge extender for 6 months.

MaleEdge Basic

Whether you’re considering penis enlargement for the first time or you have a normal-sized penis that you want to increase a bit, it’s recommended to start with the MaleEdge Basic package. Although MaleEdge Basic includes minimum accessories when compared with other packages liken MaleEdge Extra and MaleEdge Pro, you can still achieve your male enhancement goal. All MaleEdge packages, including MaleEdge Basic, provide a full year warranty, so you can get cash back if you see no results. The MaleEdge Basic package is budget-friendly and the extender it includes is made from medically approved materials. You can also find a training diary and instructional videos for extra help.

MaleEdge Extra

The bestseller MaleEdge Extra offers more accessories than MaleEdge Basic. The extender in this package guarantees safe penis enlargement and it’s good for men have small penises or specific male enhancement needs. The package offers extra rubber strap and a protection pad for improved efficiency. 

MaleEdge Pro

The MaleEdge Pro package is more expensive than other packages, but it ensures permanent penis enhancement by 30% in only 6 months. The MaleEdge Pro package features 5 rubber straps, cohesive gauze, and extra protection pad. It also offers training dairy and instructional videos. 

The final word

Unless you have a micropenis, you can enlarge your little buddy in a non-surgical way. The bigger penis size will positively impact your sex life, self-esteem, and male health. Before you turn to surgery, give a top quality extender a try. Just make sure you consult a medical expert first so that you know your extender will meet your male enhancement needs.

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