Penis Enhancement: Find the Best Way to Increase the Size of Your Penis

Penis size has always been one of the biggest sources of anxiety in men. Penis size misconceptions have already fueled a multimillion-dollar male enhancement industry. But unfortunately, most penis enlargement products don’t work at all.

penis augmentation
Published 30.07.2019|Last edited 31.07.2019

Many marketers are trying to convince us that male enhancement pills and lotions, penis stretchers, vacuum devices, and other similar products can enhance the size of a small penis. However, do they work?

The male enhancement industry monetizes men’s anxiety that usually comes from media depictions of big dicks. After all, it’s so easy to fall into the trap of believing in images in magazines, movies, and porn, which portray extremely big penises as the normal penis size. This makes a lot of men mistakenly think that their penises are below average.

In this article you’ll learn everything about penis enlargement and the pros and cons of each male enhancement method.

penis augmentation

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What is a normal penis size?

The statistics for the average penis size vary. Many estimates are absolutely deceptive and that’s the major reason why more and more men feel anxious – and sometimes even depressed – about their penis sizes.

In reality, the average penis size is realistic.  Research involving 15,521 men determined that the average penis length when erect is 5.17 inches (13.12 cm) and the average penis size when non-erect is 3.61 inches (9.16 cm.)

Another scientific review revealed that a penis that’s smaller than 2.75 inches (7 cm) is referred to as a micropenis. Micropenis isn’t just a small penis; it’s a condition that requires special treatment.

There are many ways to determine the penis size, including measuring the length of the penis by shoe size. In reality, most of those measurements are wrong and it’s smarter to consult a doctor. Some men are so obsessed with having a bigger dick that they develop a small penis syndrome.

What is a micropenis?

Micropenis, or an abnormally short penis, is an uncommon condition caused by hormonal, or sometimes genetic issues. Micropenis is typically diagnosed at birth and treated early in childhood.

A doctor will diagnose a micropenis when a penis is about 2.5 standard deviations below the average stretched penile length typical for their age and the stage of sexual development. Despite having a micropenis, a man’s internal genitalia and testicles are normal.

According to a study, micropenis affects about 1.5 in 10,000 baby boys, or 0.015 percent of baby boys born in the United States. The latest statistics of research done on micropenis greatly vary.

Birth abnormalities, such as micropenis, can be linked to environmental factors like a frequent exposure to pesticides – mostly, through foods – during pregnancy. That’s why, a micropenis is more common in certain populations.

What is a small penis syndrome?

Also called a penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD), a small penis syndrome affects men with a small penis and even the average penis size. The penile dysmorphic disorder is a kind of the body dysmorphic disorder that triggers unnatural anxious feelings about their body.

Guys diagnosed with this syndrome feel anxious about their penis size and they’re desperately trying to find a way to make their dicks bigger. In reality, only few men diagnosed with a small penis syndrome have small penises.

When this disorder thrives, a man starts feeling ashamed of the size of their penis and can even start to stay away from intimacy. Even if several doctors approve that their penis size is absolutely normal, men suffering from this disorder keep believing their penis size is extremely small. The major symptoms of a penile dysmorphic disorder are:

  • The feelings of embarrassment or shame when talking about the penis size;
  • The fear of intimacy;
  • Developing distorted perceptions of the average penis size;
  • Comparing the penis size with the one shown in pornography;
  • Poor sexual function.

Unless the penis size is really micro or just small, sex therapy along with cognitive behavioral therapy help to treat a small penis syndrome in a natural way. If the penis is actually small, male enhancement methods can do the trick. However, it’s critical to figure out the major cause of the disorder.

Are male enhancement products safe?

The endless ads for male enhancement pills, ointments, creams, contraptions, supplements, surgery, and penis stretching exercises are useless. Even though sellers provide a “money-back” guarantee, all those products aren’t safe as they’re ineffective.

The problem is, all those products are mostly sold illegally, and they haven’t been clinically tested or medically approved. Such products can negatively affect overall health.

male enhancement

The devices developed to increase your penis size are highly misadvertised, depending on the quality of the device. For instance, top quality penis pumps help guys suffering from erectile dysfunction but they don’t permanently enhance your penis size. Penis stretching exercises are helpful but they don’t offer permanent penis enhancement.

The penis enlargement patches and lotions have a bad reputation, albeit some of them do work.  The patches that trigger penis growth are comprised of a medicated adhesive that you should stick to your skin in the pelvic area, allowing a certain amount of active components to get into the blood through the skin.

The patch should last for a couple of days, providing a gradual release and a slight penis enlargement. Vimax and ProEnhance patches are considered to be the best male enhancement patches. When it comes to penis enlargement lotions, they don’t work at all.

Do male enhancement pills work?

A lot of women with a thought, “My husband has a small penis,” desperately seek for male enhancement pills, believing it will instantly increase penis size. Unfortunately, there’s no scientific evidence to confirm the fact that those pills work.

It’s crucial to remember that penis enlargement is a thriving industry that promotes male insecurities and a small penis syndrome. The male enhancement pills along with different lotions and supplements don’t work.

penis enlargement

Many male enhancement supplements can help to improve erections, but it won’t make a penis grow. Natural supplements comprise of herbs, including puamam, horny goat weed, maca, passionflower, yohimbe, tribulus, and barberries, which are good for men’s health.

The widely used male enhancement pills on today’s market are VigRX Plus, Male Extra, Extenze, Viasil, and Prosolution Plus. There are also male enhancement medications, which are used in penis augmentation treatments.

  • Pros: Besides being easy to use, those male enhancement pills don’t work. They can help to enhance erections.
  • Cons: With a growing number of scams, these pills have harmful side effects. Moreover, most of those pills don’t work.

Do penis pumps work?

Penis pumps seem to be the fastest way to increase the size of a small or average sized penis. They come in various styles and sizes and work by creating a vacuum around the penis and forming different types of pressure, enhancing blood circulation in the pelvic area and making a penis look larger in size.

Penis pumps are often recommended for adult men who are trying to cope with manhood issues, such as erectile dysfunction.

penis traction device

When it comes to permanent penis enlargement, you won’t see these results even if you use a top quality penis pump daily. Some of the widely used penis pumps include Bathmate Series pumps, HydroMax Series pumps, and Penomet among the others.

  • Pros: With the help of a high-quality penis pump, it’s easy and quick to temporary increase the penis size. Plus, this tool is effective in improving an erection. Penis pumps aren’t expensive so every man can afford to buy the one.
  • Cons: The cheapest penis pumps can lead to discomfort, pain, soreness, and injuries. Penis pumps do increase the size of a small penis, but the results last for a few hours.

Do penis stretching exercises offer permanent results?

When you’re low in cash and you still want your small dick look bigger, penis stretching exercises can do the trick. Penis stretching exercises, such as jelqing and kegeling, aim to slightly lengthen the penis.

Moreover, regular stretching exercises help to prevent premature ejaculation.  These exercises usually involve repetitive stretching motions applied onto the manhood to increase blood circulation and make a small penis appear longer. It’s recommended to do penis stretching exercises regularly for at least 6 months to stimulate penis growth.

penis traction device

While penis stretching exercises are easy to do regardless of where you are, the results they provide are temporary. Furthermore, you can experience some side effects like penile redness and soreness – especially, in the beginning. Some stretching exercises are contra-indicated if a man has any manhood problems.

Pros: If you do penis stretching exercises correctly on a daily or weekly basis, you can definitely see your penis enlarge naturally. As you massage the tissues along your little buddy length, its size starts increasing.

These motions aid in stretching the skin of the penis and cause micro-tears in the penile tissues. Once the healing process begins, those tissues grow larger in size, promoting penis growth. Jelqing can also help to increase the penile girth. If you’re serious about achieving male enhancement results with penis stretching exercises though, you should be consistent.

Cons: Doing penis stretching exercises in incorrect ways can cause mild to severe pain, discomfort, and injuries. The male enhancement results are temporary, so if you skip your exercise session, you can end up with a small penis again.

Do penis extenders work?

A penis extender, also known as a penis stretcher, is avowed as the most effective alternative to penis enlargement surgery. A penis extender doesn’t involve any anesthesia but still uses a procedure similar to the one used in orthopedic surgery. ‘

A penis extender aids in penis enlargement thanks to the traction process that involves placing constant pressure onto the corpora cavernosa part of the penis, making the cells break down and then reproduce again.

The traction process a penis extender provides results in the new cell formation, helping your little buddy to hold more amount of blood in the pelvic area. It leads to lessening or elimination of premature ejaculation and penis curvature. Plus, a penis stretcher extends the penis size permanently.

Today, there are many penis extenders but many cheap and poor quality extenders are highly dangerous. It’s important to choose clinically-tested and medically approved penis traction devices, such as X4 Labs Penis Extender, Size Genetics, JES Extender, PeniMaster Pro, and Phallosan Forte. These extenders use a traction method to enhance the size of a small penis.


There are many pros of using a penis extender, some of the best ones include:

  • Treating erection issues. Even though those suffering from erectile dysfunction have a tendency to use a penis pump and a cock ring to better sexual pleasure, a penis stretcher can be helpful, too. If you’ve been trying to cope with erectile dysfunction for a long while and all in vain, a penis extender will help to enhance the blood flow in the pelvic area, improve erections, and ward off premature ejaculation.
  • Lengthening and straightening a short or bent penis. When used on a regular basis, a penis extender can help to lengthen a short penis (except for a micropenis) and make it look larger. If you’re suffering from Peyronie’s disease, a penis extender can also be helpful as it’s frequently used to straighten a bent penis.
  • Improving manhood health. Regular penis stretching ensures proper blood circulation in the pelvic area and can enhance overall men’s health, lowering the risk of developing different diseases and conditions.
  • Increasing self-confidence. Guys with small penises tend to have low self-confidence and this prevents them from building relationships and having sex. Men who use penis extenders confess that they feel more confident on a date and in the bedroom. The bigger penis size can banish tons of men’s insecurities.

Penis extenders offer permanent penis enlargement results. The effectiveness of penis extenders has been proven by a growing number of researches. For example, a research published in the well-known Journal of Sexual Medicine indicated that men with the average length flaccid penises enlarged their penises by nearly 0.6 inches (1.5 cm) after three months of regular usage of a penis extender.

Penis extenders are easy to use, albeit some of them are extremely costly. Though male enhancement surgery is much more expensive.


It’s vital to use a penis stretcher carefully and not to overdo it. Most importantly, it’s critically important to use clinically tested stretchers. Low-quality penis extenders cause soreness, severe pain, and serious penile injuries. The price can be a con, too. However, you know what you’re paying for.

When is surgery the only option?

In some cases, surgery is the only effective way to increase the size of a small penis or fix its curvature. Surgical treatments are money draining yet they help to solve many manhood problems.

There are many types of male enhancement surgical treatments. Probably, the most common treatment is the one concentrated on releasing a small part of the manhood located underneath the pelvic area’s skin. Once it’s released, a small penis becomes longer in size since that inner portion measures at least 0.5 inches.

penis augmentation

Most surgical treatments include the process of cutting the suspensory ligament, which connects the penis underside with the pubic bone, fixing a skin graft and making the penis underside separate from the scrotum skin. Some treatments involve the usage of penile implants.

Although penile implants have earlier been used to cure erectile dysfunction, today some implants can be used to enlarge a small penis or a micropenis. Moreover, the penile implants work by mimicking a natural erection.

Like any other surgical treatment, the penile implants are risky and expensive. The procedure involves implanting special balloons instead of the corpora cavernosa. These balloons are typically larger than the corpora cavernosa and this ensures a longer erect penis.


Male enhancement surgery is the fastest way to permanently increase the penis size. Moreover, in some cases, it’s the only way to treat a micropenis.


Male enhancement surgery is contra-indicated if a man has weak immunity or overall poor health. Even healthy men could experience the side effects, so it’s critical to choose the clinic carefully.

Surgery treatments can result in unsuccessful scarring in the pelvic area and it can make your manhood look smaller than it was. No one is going to return money for unsuccessful male enhancement surgery.

Small penis

Your penis can change its form after surgery due to the cut made through the suspensory ligament. Therefore, you can have difficulty handling your dick during intercourse. Your penis can bend downward when erect.

Surgery can also result in fibrosis, infections, nerve injury, or erectile dysfunction. The penile implants can cause allergic reactions and abnormal penis curvature. Moreover, cheap penile implants, which aren’t developed for male enhancement can make erections much shorter than it was before the procedure.

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