Penis Exercises: This Is How Much You Can Increase the Size of Your Penis

Almost every guy worries about having a too small penis. Although the size doesn’t matter, it might be hard to satisfy your partner with a small dick. Not to mention that a small dick reduces your confidence and overall quality of life.

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That’s why it’s vital to exercise your dick to make it appear longer and improve your erections.

When you experience an erection, your nervous system pushes the blood into the penile blood vessels, making your penis expand.

The sizes of the flaccid and erect penis vary from man to man, but it’s usually caused by the enhanced blood circulation to the penis. The better circulation in the pelvic area, the healthier, harder, and longer your penis will be.

The poor erection is triggered by an inadequate flow of the blood into the penis. Scientists claim that an increased blood circulation not only helps to improve erections, but can also enlarge a short penis.

When done regularly, penis exercises can enlarge the size by nearly 0.79 inches (2 cm) in 2 to 3 weeks. The downside is that penis exercises offer temporary penis enlargement. It’s also possible to get permanent results without surgery, so read on to find it out.

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6 Best Penis Exercises

By doing the following penis exercises on a daily basis or at least 5 days a week, you can increase your small penis size temporary. Make sure you consult a medical expert before starting any penis enlargement exercise. If you experience any sort of discomfort or pain, stop doing exercises right away or change the way you do it.

Penis massaging

Believe it or not, simple penis massaging can enhance your penis size in a few months. It’s critical to do it on a daily basis to see your dick grow. This penis enlargement exercise involves lubricating your dick well and massaging it for several minutes non-stop. Penis massaging is easy to do so even your partner can help you with it.

In order to see effectiveness, create an everyday routine and learn special massaging tricks. An added bonus: penis massaging will significantly improve your sexual life.

Kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are perfect to do during sexual intercourse, as they let you contract the muscles, make your erections harder, and ward off premature ejaculation. When done regularly, kegel exercises aid in enhancing the amount of the blood pumped to the pelvic area and therefore make the tissues of the penis to stretch, increasing the girth too.

Kegel exercises are easy to do and you can do it anywhere as they don’t require any special equipment, All you should do is just press and then contract the muscles, increasing the blood supply and the firmness of the erection. Over time, this will enlarge the size of a small or short penis.

Many men also use kegel exercises to improve sexual pleasure. Make contractions in the pelvic muscle whenever you have a few free minutes. This will help you achieve your dream penis size faster.

Jelqing exercises

If you’re one of those men with, “I have a small penis” complaint, jelqing exercises can banish your complaint at least for a while. A growing number of men turn to jelqing exercises to increase their penises without surgery and they actually see positive results.

The effectiveness has been proven by many researchers. These penis enlargement exercises help to increase both the length and girth of the penis. Before doing jelqing exercises, first, warm up your dick until it becomes erect.

Place your hands around your manhood so that you could hold it firmly and do the movements from the head to the base. Perform the repetitions, which typically last 3-5 seconds, gently and slowly. Be highly careful to avoid injuries.

Not only do jelqing exercises help to improve your sex life by enhancing your erections, but they also work on temporary enlarging the size of a small penis. As soon as you stop doing these exercises, your penis will become small again, so don’t forget to stay consistent.


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Penis stretching exercises

Penis stretching exercises let your penis enhance in size rapidly due to various movements, which you should do at least 4-5 times per week in order to see any results.

The penis stretching exercises involve the milking movement that allows you to stretch a short dick. This movement should be done with your forefinger and thumb to put a slight pressure onto the penis. The pressure should be firm and strong. Avoid repeating the masturbation movements.

The milking movement should be done from the bottom and then right to the tip of the head and in a single direction. Avoid reaching a complete erection. The stretching exercises work best with a semi-erect penis.

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Move your hand from the bottom to the tip of the head for 10 seconds and perform at least 10 reps. Release and let your penis to relax for a few minutes and then start the exercise again. Try to do the milking movement for 15 to 20 minutes.

If you do penis stretching exercises each day, you can significantly enhance the size of your small penis naturally. You can see the first results in 2 months. However, get ready to do penis stretching exercises regularly if you don’t want your little buddy to become tiny again.

When performing these exercises, stay careful as it’s easy to damage the delicate skin in the pelvic area. Stretching exercises offer permanent penis enlargement results when you do them with the help of a penis extender.

Vacuum pump exercises

If you need a quick penis enlargement to wow your partner tonight, a vacuum pump exercise is an excellent, temporary option.

There are many pumps on the market, but ensure you buy a high-quality one to avoid injuries. A vacuum pump is easy to use and the penis enlargement effect lasts up to 30 minutes. Place your dick inside a vacuum pump and suck a few times to enhance the size of your little buddy.


Weight exercises

Weight exercises involve placing a special device on the penis head and drop several light penis enlargement weights.

If you feel discomfort, reduce the weight. You can also increase the weights over time if you feel comfortable. But, don’t overdo it. The results are temporary, though.


Is there any permanent way to increase the penis naturally?

If you’re looking to permanently enlarge your penis size in a non-surgical way, consider using a penis extender. A penis stretcher is a device that aids in extending the length and the girth of a small or bent penis.

You can see the positive penis enhancement differences between 2 to 6 months of regular use. Besides penis enhancement, a penis extender helps to boost self-esteem, improve libido, and enhance overall men’s health.

When choosing a penis stretcher, it’s critical to choose the one that’s clinically tested, medically approved, and made of safe materials. Stay away from the cheap penis traction devices that provide more side effects instead of male enhancement. First of all, poor quality penis extenders can cause allergy. Look for certified products. Here are a few penis stretcher suggestions for you to consider:


ProExtender has been clinically tested and approved by the FDA and has been shown to aid in enhancing the penis length wise and width wise alike. ProExtender helps to control ejaculation and cure a host of common manhood problems, including a penile curvature or a bent penis.

This is all due to the traction method that provides the results similar to surgical penis treatments. This extender is safe to use and you can use it anytime. Consistent use of the extender helps to increase the level of semen flow, making the overall sexual life better.

ProExtender stays the only legitimate penis enlargement product these days and you can find it in many countries around the world. The extender promotes the cell expansion by pulling the penis gently. Over time, the growth of the new tissues leads to a bigger and longer dick.

It’s critical to use the ProExtender device regularly for up to 6 months if you want to reach permanent penis enhancement results. If you see no results, you can use the manufacturer’s 6-month money back guarantee. ProExtender can help you enlarge your dick size by about 13% to 14% in 8 weeks and by 20% in 4 months or so.


One of the best penis stretchers that has been used for up to 25 years, the Jes-Extender device can literally change your sex life. Already, half a million guys have reported a significant – and most importantly, permanent – penis enhancement and better sexual health.  Jes-Extender is known for its science-backed and clinically-tested traction method that ensures non-surgical penis growth.

Besides penis enlargement, Jes-Extender aids in eliminating the erectile dysfunction symptoms, strengthening sexual stamina, intensifying erections, and enhancing the blood circulation in the pelvic area. It can also help guys diagnosed with Peyronie’s Disease and is sometimes used to fix penile curvature.

The Jes-Extender device is made of top quality hypoallergenic materials and it’s absolutely durable. You can choose from 6 Jes Extender packages based on your needs. There’s a double refund guarantee in case the device won’t meet your needs or bring no results at all. It’s important to learn how to use the extender correctly to see the results.


Made in Denmark, this extender is renowned for its quality and innovative features, which help guys with short dicks to fix their small size in a natural way. The MaleEdge device can also help guys to boost the erectile function and stamina due to the ability to enhance the blood circulation in the pelvic area. The stretcher provides stronger and longer erections and more potent sexual endurance.

The MaleEdge extender fits circumcised and uncircumcised penises and should be worn for up to 5 months in order to increase the length and circumference of the penis. Just like other clinically-tested and medically-proved penis stretchers, the MaleEdge device can aid in treating Peyronie’s disease and changing penile curvature.

The manufacturer promises that the erect dick can increase in size by almost 10% in 2-3 months of regular use. If you want to enlarge your penis by almost 30% in length and about 20% in the thickness, you should wear the extender for at least half a year.


SizeGenetics is a globally-recognized leader among the penis extenders available on the today’s market. The manufacturer guarantees 100% penis enlargement results. The device is clinically tested, safe, and provides significant girth and length increase. Moreover, it has an excellent comfort system and ensures painless and non-invasive mechanism of action.

Like other extenders, SizeGenetics uses the penile traction method that gently stretches a short penis, increasing its length and girth. It’s crucial to wear the SizeGenetics device correctly to ward off any possible side effects like discomfort or pain.

SizeGenetics offers different tension levels, each of which helps to enhance the size of the small penis maximally. The enlargement system design of the SizeGenetics extender ensures that the device won’t slip off and won’t trigger discomfort and discomfort – especially during a long time wear.  The male enhancement results are permanent once you stop using the device after 3 to 6 months.

Regular use of the extender can help you increase your penis size by up to 1.5 inches (3.81 cm) in 6 months. It’s important to not overuse the stretcher and stop using it as soon as you feel mild pain or experience itching.


Final word

Penis enlargement exercises are totally effective in temporary penis enhancement. If you’re looking to achieve the permanent results though, consider using a top quality penis extender. Before you start doing penis exercises or using a penis stretcher, see your urologist to make sure you don’t have any manhood health issues. Also, avoid doing exercises and using the extender if you have any injuries on your penis.


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