Penis growth exercises: Best way to grow your dick naturally

The internet is overflowing with the male enhancement products and websites selling them, but do they work?

penis growth
Published 26.06.2019|Last edited 26.06.2019

There are a few ways that can help to boost penis growth naturally without surgery.

The problem is, most of those ways are temporary while only a couple can ensure permanent results.

Penis stretching exercises, for example, are all the rage right now.

If you’re considering all-natural penis growth, read on to find out the best penis stretching exercises and how they work.

But first, make sure your penis is really small.


penis growth

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What’s an average penis size?

Before you consider promoting your penis growth, it’s critical to ensure you actually need it.

Statistics show that the majority of men mistakenly believe their dicks are small. In most cases, it’s their own assumption or their partners.

In reality, they have normal-sized penises.

If you heard your partner telling someone, “My boyfriend has a small penis,” and that’s a reason why you want to enhance your penis, wait a second and keep reading.

A study in which 1661 men took part showed that an average penis size is around 5.5 inches.

If the size of your penis is below 5 inches, it might be diagnosed as a small penis.

If your penis size is 3.66 inches or less, you’re more likely to have a micropenis.

If you have an average penis size, it’s still possible to make it bigger either temporary or permanently – depending on which male enhancement method you’ll choose.

Is penis stretching effective?

Although there’s little to no scientific evidence on whether or not penis stretching effective, it does work and can really help you get a bigger dick.

But unfortunately, the results might be temporary and your penis size can reduce as soon as you stop doing penis stretching exercises.

If you choose to do penis stretching with a special traction device called a penis extender though, the results might be permanent.

When done on a regular basis and in a correct way, penis stretching can help you significantly enhance your penis length and girth.

Unlike penis extenders, penis stretching exercises take a lot of effort, time, and privacy.

Plus, they might not aid in treating penis curving and deformities.

Penis extenders ensure the more powerful male enhancement effect than manual penis stretching exercises.

If you can’t afford to purchase an extender though, penis stretching exercises are a great alternative.

It’s been shown that these exercises provide temporary effects.

What are the best penis stretching exercises?

Consistency is highly important if you want to increase your penis size by doing penis stretching exercises.

All penis stretching exercises require you to massage the tissues along your penis length by using your hand.

These gentle and consistent moves aid in stretching the skin in the pelvic area and form tiny tears in the tissues

When those tiny tears in the tissues start healing, they appear engorged, promoting penis enlargement.

There are also penis stretching exercises that help to enhance the size of the girth.

These exercises are often referred to as jelqing or girth exercises, and they also involve tissue massage.

Any stretching exercises must be done once or twice per day and only when a penis is flaccid.

If it causes any discomfort or pain, it’s important to stop doing it in order to avoid injuries.


Stroking and squeezing the penis to force blod flow.


Massaging the penis tissue to increase size.

Here are three effective penile exercises to increase your penis growth naturally.

Be extra careful and gentle when doing them.

It’s also recommended to consult a doctor to ensure you don’t have any penile issues.

Exercise 1: Classic stretching

Start by gripping your penis head.

Stretch it out for 5 to 10 seconds by pulling your penis upward.

Pull it to the right for 5 to 10 seconds, and then to the left.

Do these simple moves for 3 to 5 minutes once or twice a day.

Exercise 2: Powerful stretching

Start by gripping your penis head and pulling your dick upward.

penis growth

Gently, put pressure onto the area around your penis base.

Keep pressing for 10 seconds and release.

Do it again while pulling your penis to the left, pressing the base of it on the right side.

Do it again while pulling your penis to the right, pressing the base of it on the left side.

Perform this exercise for 2 minutes once per day.

Exercise 3: Jelqing

With your thumb and index finger, create an O shape and place it at your dick base.

Make your O shape a bit smaller while placing gentle pressure onto the penis shaft.

At this point, you should feel no pain or discomfort. If you do, then change your O shape.

Begin moving your thumb and index finger toward the penis head until you finish at the tip.

Do jelqing for about 20 minutes each day.

Is a penis extender a better alternative?

Manual penis stretching exercises and penis stretchers have a similar effect.

The difference lies in the techniques.

Plus, penis extenders provide permanent male enhancement results, unlike exercises.

Besides penis enlargement, a penis extender helps to boost a sex drive and treat certain conditions like Peyronie’s disease.

Are penis extenders safe? It greatly depends on the quality of the stretcher.

There are lots of poor quality penis extenders that cause pain and injuries instead of penis growth.

It’s important to choose clinically tested and medically approved brands, such as JES Extender, SizeGenetics, MaleEdge, ProExtender, and X4 Labs. All top quality extenders use a similar male enhancement technique, but some of them might have extra features.

JES Extender

JES Extender, for instance, helps to promote penis growth by 24% by putting a gentle traction force on it, triggering the process called cytokinesis.

This aids in permanently enlarging both girth and length of the penis.


ProExtender is clinically tested and it also offers a permanent penis enhancement result.

It involves the traction process, stimulating the production of new tissue cells in your pelvic area.

If you put a constant and moderate amount of traction on your penis, you might see your penis enlarge in 3 to 6 months.

X4 Labs

X4 Labs stretchers are among the best ones.

This extender system works by producing a moderate traction force, increasing the blood circulation in the penis and encouraging the stretching of the penile cellular tissues and thus penis growth.


SizeGenetics penis extender is the type one medical device, which is doctor endorsed and clinically tested.

It aids in increasing the size of the penis by inches. Moreover, this stretcher helps to treat a curved penis.

SizeGenetics penis extender works by slightly stretching a penis, encouraging the cell breakdown in the tissues of the penis as well as the cell rebuilt.

The cells begin to multiply, making the tissues grow.

The process enhances blood flow and the size of the penile blood vessels.

As a result, you have a permanently bigger manhood.


MaleEdge penis extender can also help you increase your penis size naturally.

When used consistently and correctly, it can enlarge your penile length by 19% and girth by 28%.

This penis stretcher works on the similar to other top quality extenders principle, which involves cell division and cell multiplication.

No matter which penis extender you choose, make sure you consult a medical expert – especially if you have any health issues.

If you feel any discomfort or pain, it’s a sign that you’re using the wrong extender or you’re using it incorrectly.

How does a penis extender help?

A penis extender has been used for medical purposes for many years.

It has helped to cure a variety of penile diseases and conditions, including Peyronie’s disease and micropenises.

Today, this traction device is mostly used for male enhancement.

They promote penis enlargement by one inch (2.54 cm) longer in only half a year. 

The most astonishing thing about a penis extender is that it offers permanent results.

Most penis extenders have the results similar to the ones orthopedic surgery provides.

The extender puts a gentle pressure onto the corpora cavernosa.

This pressure makes the penile tissue adapt to the changing penis size.

The more pressure the extender applies to the penile tissues, the more the cells shift.

This results in encouraging the corpora cavernosa to pull away and promoting the tissue growth and the new cell production.

Additionally, this process improves blood circulation in the penis chambers, making a thicker, harder, and longer erection

Final Word

Both penis stretching exercises and penis extenders are effective in promoting penis growth.

If you don’t feel like using an extender, aim to do penis stretching exercises on a regular basis.

Once you stop doing them, your penis will become small again, so keep it in mind.

If you want to achieve permanent male enhancement results, dedicate the next several months to a penis extender.

Each extender has its own features and the latest models also provide extra features, allowing you to wear an extender overnight or in the office or use it in water.

Do your own research and consult a medical expert before choosing your penis enlargement method.

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