Should I Enlarge My Normal Sized Penis?

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Statistics show that almost every second man is concerned about the size of his penis. Many guys believe that their penises are small and they won’t be able to satisfy their partners. However, in most cases, men have normal-sized dicks.

There are many reasons why men are so concerned about the penis size. Porn is the first reason, as they tend to show guys with huge dicks making men with normal-sized penises doubt their sizes. The second reason is misleading ads that the interned is overflowing with.

Today, you can find tons of supplements, pills, creams, lotions, and devices that promise to increase the size of manhood. Unfortunately, the majority of male enhancement products don’t work at all. If you have a normal-sized penis and you have no idea whether or not you need to increase it, read on. It’s critical to know all the facts about penis growth and enhancement before you make your final decision.

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How does penis growth happen?

In general, penis growth happens during puberty, albeit a penis might keep growing till early 20s. For boys, puberty typically starts the ages of 9 to 14 and can last for more than 5 years. It depends when puberty begins. But, when a boy reaches 18 to 19 years old, his penis stops growing or it doesn’t grow much thicker or longer.

The rate of penis growth during puberty may differ from one boy to another and a lot of factors impact this process. According to research, the average penis growth rate in boys of ages 11 to 15 is less than 0.5 inch (or 1.27 cm) per year. After this period, a penis keeps growing, but at a reduced rate until early 20s. Semen start producing during puberty and it’s more common for boys to experience erections and ejaculation during this time.

Does penis size matter?

That’s a hard question to answer, as everyone has their own needs. If one partner isn’t satisfied with your penis size, another one might be happy with it. Sometimes partners are satisfied with the penis size, yet men aren’t happy with it. Low self-esteem or sexual inexperience may play its role here.

The penis size matters when it comes to fertility, as men with micropenises have an increased risk of infertility. Though, men with small penises tend to have no problem with it.

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One research mentioned in the Psychology of Men & Masculinity Journal stated that men worry about their penis size more than their sex partners. 85 percent of females in the research claimed that they were totally satisfied with the penis size of their partners, while lots of men thought that their penises aren’t long or wide enough. Only 14 percent of females wished their men had a longer or wider penis.

Medical experts claim that the size of penis doesn’t impact man’s ability to have sexual intercourse. Moreover, it’s not an indication of man’s testosterone levels or masculinity.

What’s a micropenis?

There’s a difference between a small penis and a micropenis. When a baby boy has a penis that is below the average penis size, he has a condition called a micropenis. The average penis length of a newborn baby boy is between 1.1 to 1.6 inches (or 2.79 to 4 cm), while the average size of penile circumference is 0.35 to 0.5 inches (or 0.89 to 1.27 cm.) These measurements should be taken by gently stretching the infant’s penis.

Micropenis is often a sign of hormone disorders and if not treated, this disorder can negatively impact development of the sexual organs of a baby boy. Hormone disorders tend to negatively affect the hypothalamus or the pituitary gland, as well. Generally, a proper physical exam is all that’s required to determine a micropenis in baby boy. Hormone therapy is needed to treat this condition.

Adult men with micropenises usually need surgical penis augmentation to increase their penis sizes and ward off infertility.

What’s the average penis size around the world?

The average penis size varies from one continent to another. The biggest average penis size is recorded in African countries. For example, Western African countries like Gabon, Ghana, and the Congo, stay the leaders when it comes to penis size with the average penis size being between 6.3 and 7 inches (or more than 16 cm) when it’s erect.

Men living in Norway, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, and Italy, are also known for their big dicks with an average penis size being between 5.8 and 6.3 inches (or 14.7 cm and 16 cm) when the penis is erect. A penis of 6.2 inches (or around 15.7 cm) is considered to be normal-sized in Poland.

average penis size

Unlike men from the African countries who boast the biggest dicks in the globe, men from Asian countries have the shortest penises on average. Men from Asian countries like Thailand, South Korea, and India can’t be proud of big penises. The average size of their penises is 3.6 to 4.1 inches (or 9.1 cm to 10.4 cm.)

Guys from the United Kingdom have the average penis size that varies between 3.5 to 5.8 inches (or 8.9 cm to 14.7 cm.) However, research conducted by the London International Andrology clinic stated different numbers. They suggested that the average size of an erect dick of men in the UK equals 6.36 inches (or 16.2 cm.)

According to research, guys with the biggest penises live in Wales. The average size of penises in this region is about 6.56 inches (or 16.7 cm.) Men from the East Midlands aren’t that lucky and have the shortest dicks in the UK. The average penis size in this region is 6.11 inches (or 15.5 cm.)

A study showed that the average erect penis size of guys living in the United States is about 5.6 inches (or 14.2 cm.) The average erect penis circumference is about 4.8 inches (or 12.2 cm.) Sure, both women and men around the world have different impression of the average erect penis size. Women think that the average erect penis size is at least 5.4 inches (or 13.7 cm). Men believe it’s good to have a penis of at least 5.6 inches (or 14.2 cm.)

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The penis size estimation varies even from country to country. In the United States, for instance, the estimations are totally confusing. Men living in Maine boast the biggest estimation of penis size that equals 6.5 inches (or 16.5 cm). Men from West Virginian are renowned for the smallest estimations at about 5 inches (or 12.7 cm.)

The biggest gap between the normal penis size and the ideal one is in the United States, too. The difference is of 1.1 inches (or 2.8 cm.) The research also states that guys living in the Netherlands are most satisfied with their penis sizes, as they claim that the perfect size is at least 0.4 inch (or 1 cm) bigger than the apparent average size.

Is your penis is small or normal-sized?

Guys with small penises might consider different male enhancement methods, but what about those who have normal-sized dicks? Should they enlarge their penises? It’s really up to you. If you have the average-sized dick and you and your partner are happy with it, you might not want to try any penis enlargement techniques.

If your partner isn’t satisfied with your penis size or you want to jazz up your sexual experience and make your erections harder, increasing a penis size in a non-surgical way can be the perfect solution. Increasing your normal-sized penis will also boost your confidence in bedroom and life in general.

What are the popular ways to enlarge penis size?

If you want to enlarge your normal-sized penis, you should choose the male enhancement method carefully, as it differs from the one used to enlarge a small penis. Regardless of your penis enlargement goal, make sure you stay away from male enhancement pills, supplements, creams, and lotions. Below are the most popular ways to enlarge penis size these days and one really effective one for guys with the average-sized dicks who want to make their manhood look longer and wider.

Surgical penile augmentation

Surgical penile augmentation is the fastest way to increase your penis size, but it has more drawbacks than perks. First, it’s not budget-friendly and you might end up paying off a debt for year or so. Surgical penile augmentation is the process of inserting a special implant into the penis to gently and safely stretch its size and help it look longer or wider. The surgical penis enlargement methods vary and there are a host of procedures to choose from.

Surgical penile augmentation sounds easy, but it’s tricky to find experts and trusted clinics that will ensure the safety and successful results. Surgery itself is risky and you never know how you’ll feel after anesthesia.  Plus, more and more studies have already revealed that a penis size can become even smaller after the surgery than it was before. Of course, the outcome depends on the clinic you choose and your overall health.

Surgery is painful and there’s also a likelihood of an injury. If you go for the surgery, keep in mind that you might need to wear a couple of special weights for a few months to keep the penis from getting back to its initial size.

Penis stretching exercises

Penis stretching exercises might be an ideal option for guys trying to increase the normal-sized dicks. Penis stretching exercises, such as kegeling or jelqing, offer temporary penis stretching and strengthening abilities. These exercises are safer than surgery and they can help to lower the likelihood of premature ejaculation development.  Most importantly, penis stretching exercises are free.

It’s vital to learn how to perform penis stretching exercises correctly, though. This way, you will avoid injuries and discomfort. It might take more than 6 months and, sometimes, a year or so before you could see any slightest penis enlargement.

It’s rare that men increase their penis sizes by doing penis stretching exercises, though. Even if you manage to achieve any male enhancement result, it will vanish as soon as you give up on doing those exercises regularly.

Penis pumps

If you’re looking to increase your normal-sized penis right before sex, consider penis pumps. While you won’t be able to enhance your penis size permanently, you can at least boost your or your partner’s sexual satisfaction.

Penis pumps are easy to use and they won’t break the bank. The male enhancement result lasts for several minutes to a few hours, though. Nowadays, a lot of men use penis pumps to relieve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

When buying a penis pump, check its quality and materials it’s made from. The popular penis pumps available on the market these days are Bathmate Series pumps, HydroMax Series pumps, and Penomet.

Penis extenders

Now, if you’re 100% serious about increasing your normal-sized penis, invest in a top quality penis extender. This device is recognized as the best and cheapest alternative to penile augmentation. That’s because penis extenders help to enlarge penis size permanently.

There are different types of penis extenders and each of them has its own functions. In general, the device increases the size of a small or normal-sized penis thanks to the continuous application of a pull onto the area of the corpora cavernosa. The penis enhancement process involves putting safe pressure onto the corpora cavernosa, stimulating the breakdown and duplication of the cells.

The accumulation of the new cells helps your penis to hold an increased amount of blood in the pelvic area, enhancing the size of a small or normal-sized penis permanently. Apart from male enhancement, a penis extender aids in improving erections, reducing or preventing premature ejaculation, and warding off penis curvature.

Quality is the key factor of a penis extender. Penis extenders made from poor quality materials are unsafe and they fail to increase the penis size. Nowadays, there are a few top quality penis extenders, which have been clinically-tested and guarantee permanent male enhancement results. They are MaleEdge, Size Genetics, X4 Labs Penis Extender, Phallosan Forte, and JES Extender. Each of these devices uses the traction process to improve sexual life and increase the penis size.



Want a longer and thicker penis? MaleEdge is a top notch penis extender that guarantees a safe penis enlargement. This device helps to increase the size of both small-sized and normal-sized dicks. Moreover, it might aid in treating certain health problems men face. The MaleEdge extender is renowned for its prominent features, which produce penis enlargement results similar to the surgical penis augmentation.

The MaleEdge extender was made in Denmark and boasts high effectiveness. The device helps to enhance the blood flow in the penis as well as helps to treat and prevent erectile dysfunction. The MaleEdge extender also helps to strengthen stamina and promote better erections. Depending on your penis size, the first male enhancement results might be noticeable after 4-6 months of regular use.

Experts recommend men with short penises to use the stretcher for up to 6 months. Besides penis enlargement, the MaleEdge extender can help to fix penile curvature and treat Peyronie’s Disease. This extender is good for men with both uncircumcised and circumcised short and average sized dicks.

There are a few MaleEdge packages to choose from and every package meets particular needs. It’s essential to measure your penis size to know exactly which package you will need. Moreover, it’s also important to have a realistic male enhancement goal in mind. The manufacturer guarantees a refund if you will be unhappy with your result.

If you the MaleEdge extender package regularly for at least three months, the size of your erect penis will increase by 10%. By using the extender for up to six months, you will make your little buddy longer by 28-30% and wider by around 19%.

MaleEdge Basic

The MaleEdge Basic package is a budget-friendly option for men who you have a normal-sized or short penis and want to gradually and safely increase its size. The package includes fewer accessories than other MaleEdge packages, but it won’t impact your penis enlargement process.

The MaleEdge Basic package – like actually other packages – has one year warranty, which means if the stretcher won’t help you, it’s possible to get money back. The MaleEdge Basic package includes an extender, which is constructed from safe and medically approved materials. The instructional videos will help you learn how to use the extender correctly and a training diary will help you monitor your progress.

MaleEdge Extra

The MaleEdge Extra package is the most popular one and the manufacturer calls it the bestseller. The package includes more accessories than the previous one. The MaleEdge Extra package includes an extender that promotes safe penis enhancement and it’s recommended for men who have short dicks or who need to treat erectile dysfunction. The package also includes extra rubber strap along with a protection pad for more comfortable wear.

MaleEdge Pro

Despite its high price, this package is worth trying as you know what you’re paying for. The MaleEdge Pro package guarantees permanent penis enlargement by 30% in just six months. Besides medically approved extender, the MaleEdge Pro package includes five rubber straps, extra protection pad, and quality cohesive gauze. You can also take advantage of the training dairy to track your success.

Are there any potential side effects of using a penis traction device?

When used correctly, an extender itself doesn’t do any harm. It depends on its quality, though. If you’re going to use a poor quality penis extender, you’ll definitely face the issues, particularly bruises and injuries. When you use a high quality device, there’s little to no side effects. You can feel some discomfort or even a small pain, but it should disappear in a short while. After all, the skin on your penis is highly delicate and thus stretching can be painful at times.

Be sure you purchase a clinically tested penis extender, which is made from medically approved materials. Learning how to use an extender correctly will prevent any potential side effects, too.

What are the most questionable male enhancement products?

Today, you can find a variety of the questionable products like lotions, oils, supplements, and pills, which all promise fantastic male enhancement abilities. Some of them even promise to stimulate the growth of your short penis. It’s not possible, though. Plus, there’s no research that show and prove the effectiveness of those products. The worst thing about them is that they could trigger serious side effects.

The male enhancement pills and supplements could interfere with or react to any other supplements or medications you take. The male enhancement herbal products can negatively affect your liver health, too. The so-called male enhancement lotions and oils are harmful, too. They might trigger skin problems, such as irritation and breakouts in the groin area.

Keep in mind that no male enhancement supplement is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Consult a medical expert before opting for any male enhancement products. Regardless of how expensive that product is, it doesn’t mean it works.

The final word

So, should you enlarge your normal-sized penis? If you want to do it, why not? However, opt for non-surgical way, first. Not only will you avoid anesthesia and the postoperative care, you’ll also save lots of cash. Surgery is money-draining and risky. You can end up with shorter dick than it was before.

Consider investing in a top quality penis extender. It will enhance your erections and help your normal-sized penis become longer. Avoid scams and buy a penis stretcher on official websites. When choosing your extender, remember that penis extenders aren’t the same, though they work on similar principles. Know your exact penis size, your needs, and your men’s health.

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