I have a small penis: 3 different ways to grow your dick

Before you say that men have no problems while women are obsessed with lip, breast, or hip augmentation, read on the article.

Small penis
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Most importantly, this piece of writing is a must-know for men and women alike. Oftentimes, women are the biggest source of men’s anxiety about their penis size.

Some men have really small penises, though. Since a lot of men are concerned about their penis size, they make a hundred mistakes while trying to increase it.

Before you consider penis enlargement, it’s critical to know the average penis size and what small penis syndrome is.


Small penis


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Unfortunately, there are unethical businesses that sell the pills or lotions or other similar supplements that help to lengthen or enlarge the penis size.

Although there are a few effective ways to do it, the pills and lotions do nothing but harm your health.

small penis

Today, I’m going to highlight some of the biggest concerns of men with small dicks as well as the methods of effective penis enlargement.

Is a 5-inch Penis Small?

“I have a small penis…” That’s the biggest concern of most guys, albeit even older men in their 50s are concerned about their penis length.

While you can’t tell it honestly to your partner, it’s important that you realize your problem and share it with your doctor.

But before you label your dick small, ensure you learn the average penis size.

Today, I had a patient who spent 30 minutes trying to prove to me that he has a very small penis.

As soon as we took all the necessary measurements, he finally realized that he actually has a normal size penis.

He isn’t alone as more and more men take measurements of their penises – especially if a penis looks micro.

Nearly 45% of men want a larger penis, including those who already boast big dicks.

The most important question is, “Is a 5-inch dick is actually small?” The average penis size statistics vary.

Some estimates are misleading and false, making a lot of men feel anxious about their penis size. Research that involved 15,521 men estimated average penis size.

According to this research, the average erect penis length is 5.17 inches (13.12 cm) while the average non-erect penis length is 3.61 inches (9.16 cm).

A scientific review states that a penis that’s shorter than 2.75 inches (7 cm) counts as a micropenis.

So, the next time you measure your penis length by your shoe size – the worst way to estimate the penis size – keep in mind the results of the aforementioned research.

It’s okay to improve your penis size – even if it’s normal sized, but don’t lead it to small penis syndrome.

What’s Small Penis Syndrome?

Small penis syndrome is usually referred to as penile dysmorphic disorder (PDD) and affects a lot of men with the average penis size.

Men suffering from this syndrome are obsessed and anxious about the penis size. In fact, only few have small penises.

The penile dysmorphic disorder is a type of body dysmorphic disorder that causes immense anxiety about their body.

Men with PDD feel ashamed of their penis size and tend to avoid sex.

They mistakenly think that their penis size is too small – even if a doctor or a partner says their dick is normal in length.

The symptoms of PDD include

  • Feeling embarrassed or ashamed about the penis size
  • Avoiding sex
  • Having an extremely high value on and distorted perceptions of the penis size
  • Comparing the penis size when watching pornography
  • Weak sexual function

Sex therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are usually used to treat small penis syndrome unless the penis size is truly small or micro.

If the penis size is really small, it’s time to consider penis enlargement, albeit you need to find out the root cause of your micropenis.

If you’re interested in more, see our article How to get a bigger dick (in depth guide).

Why Do I Have A Small Penis?

The most common cause of micropenis is hormonal disbalance.

In rare cases, a small penis and related birth abnormalities might happen when a pregnant woman is exposed to toxic chemicals like pesticides during pregnancy.

Moreover, the reduced level of testosterone during pregnancy can also result in micropenis if a baby boy is born.

Small penis

Moreover, the deficiency of testosterone can trigger certain genital abnormalities.

The testosterone levels drop when a pregnant woman fails to produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) or a male fetus fails to produce this steroid hormone.

The human chorionic gonadotrophin aids in testosterone production in the male fetus.

In case the levels of testosterone are normal, there are a few medical conditions that might prevent the body of the fetus from responding to the hormone properly. This response is referred to as androgen insensitivity.

The penis of a male fetus can develop in an unhealthy way if any of the hormonal problems occur. The testosterone levels in a baby boy might start increasing from birth to 3 months.

This period is vital for the growth of a baby boy’s penis. If any hormonal issues appear during this process, a baby boy may grow up with a smaller penis or micropenis.

In some cases, a small penis is idiopathic and the root cause of it is hard to identify.

Since hormone problems usually result in micropenis, men with small penises might experience other symptoms, as well.

There are diagnoses associated with a small penis, such as Laurence-Moon syndrome, abnormal chromosomes, growth hormone deficiencies, Kallmann syndrome, Prader-Willi syndrome, and hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, among the others.

In rare cases, micropenis can be caused by another problem like swelling in the scrotum of a newborn baby boy.

The big surrounding fat pads can make the penis appear smaller and less visible. This condition is known as buried penis and generally affects obese or overweight men.

Is There Any Small Penis Treatment?

The small penis treatment varies, depending on the cause of micropenis and overall health condition of a man.

Generally, doctors recommend hormone therapy, penis exercises, penis stretchers, and in some cases, surgery.

Hormone therapy is usually recommended for infants and teens who are diagnosed with micropenis. The therapy involves testosterone treatments, but they are unhelpful for adult men.

If a man suffers from small penis syndrome and a doctor approves that his penis size is normal, cognitive behavioral therapy is the only treatment required here.

There are also lots of the pills and lotions that promise to increase your penis size for good. However, multiple researchers have proved that lotions are almost useless and the pills can trigger serious complications that can result in poor health.

Before you want to test the next “magic” pills assuring you that your dick will grow overnight, consult your doctor.

Stretching exercise

Exercising your prized asset on a daily basis can really help you increase your small penis size.

Learn more

Penis stretchers

Permanent penis enhancement is the major benefit of using a penis stretcher.

Learn more

Surgical procedure

Surgery is considered to be the fastest method of penis enlargement if it’s successful.

Learn more

Can Penis Stretching Exercises Help to Boost My Penis Size?

Exercising your prized asset on a daily basis can really help you increase your small penis size, but unfortunately, the result is temporary.

Anyway, if you learn to do penis exercises correctly, your dick will thank you.

The entire idea of penis stretching exercises is to supply more blood to the blood chambers inside the penis, expanding the erectile tissues and giving your dick a better physique.

What’s the result? Regular penis stretching exercises make the cells that form the blood chambers split.

Over time, the blood chambers enhance in capacity and let more blood store inside those divided cells, which gradually grow, absorbing more blood.

If you exercise each day, the chambers will receive more blood and thus increase in size. Therefore, your penis size will increase as well.

Besides offering penis enlargement benefits, penis stretching exercises can aid in increasing your staying power, making erections longer-lasting and stronger, and overall making your penis healthier.

Is It Safe to Use Penis Stretchers?

Permanent penis enhancement is the major benefit of using a penis stretcher but this device can help you improve other areas of your life, too.

For instance, it can enhance your sex drive and boost your self-confidence.

After all, how can you feel unconfident with a big dick?

Is it safe to use a penis stretcher? It depends on which one you choose. There are many low quality penis stretchers that can only cause injuries and pain rather than penis enlargement.

Avoid it by choosing popular penis stretcher brands like JES Extender, SizeGenetics, MaleEdge, ProExtender, and X4 Labs.

Moreover, it’s important to not overdo it – even if you use a top quality penis stretcher.

JES Extender

For instance, JES Extender helps to increase the penis by 24% from its initial size, by applying a gentle traction force on it, setting cytokinesis into motion.

This helps to extend both girth and length for good.

You can find JES Extender right here on their website.


Developed and clinically tested in Denmark, ProExtender gives a permanent result.

It uses traction that stimulates the creation of new tissue cells in the pelvic area.

The cells begin to create new tissues and try to reconnect the penile damaged cells.

If you put a constant and gentle amount of traction on your dick, you’ll enjoy the bigger size, for sure.

You can find ProExtender right here on their website.

X4 Labs

X4 Labs offers one of the best penis extenders on the market.

The stretcher works by stimulating a gentle intensity of traction force, improving the blood flow in the penis and facilitating the stretching of the penis cellular tissues.

This helps your dick gradually grow in size.

You can find X4 Labs right here on their website.


The type 1 medical device, doctor endorsed, and clinically proven, SizeGenetics penis extender helps to improve the penis size by inches as well as straighten a curved penis.

It works by placing a slight stretch to the penis, making the cells in the tissues of the penis to break down.

Once the cells are rebuilt, they start multiplying, making the tissues of the penis to grow.

The blood flow increases and this process improves the size of the penile blood vessels, making your dick appear larger.

You can find SizeGenetics right here on their website.


MaleEdge penis stretcher boasts a safe touch and is all about using a natural way of increasing the penis size.

It can extend your penis length girth by 19% and by 28%.

This penis extender works on the same principle SizeGenetics penis extender uses, which includes cell division and cell multiplication.

You can find MaleEdge right here on their website.

The point is, it’s important to purchase tested penis stretchers from the companies that specialize in producing penis extenders only.

Do your own research and talk to your doctor before you swipe your card to pay for an ineffective penis stretcher.

If you’re interested in more, see our article My boyfriend has a small penis – What can I do?.

How Do Penis Stretchers Help?

Penis stretchers have been used for years to treat a variety of diseases and conditions, including micropenises and peyronies.

Nowadays, penis stretchers are the most popular devices for increasing the penis size.

Many stretchers are made from top quality medical type 1 materials and promise to make a penis one inch (2.54 cm) longer in just six months.

The best thing about using a penis stretcher is that the results are absolutely permanent when compared to penis stretching exercises.

Most penis stretchers work like orthopedic surgery. They put a constant pressure onto the corpora cavernosa, making the penile tissue to adapt to the changing size of the penis.

The more pressure a penis stretcher puts onto the corpora cavernosa, the more the cells shift, making the corpora cavernosa pull away and stimulating the tissue growth and the production of new cells.

Moreover, it ensures better blood flow in the penis chambers, which are constantly filling with blood, causing a thicker, harder, longer erection.

We have made a list of our top picks of male enhancement products and you can read all about it here “Top 13 male enhancement products – The best way to grow your dick“.

Can Surgery Make a Small Penis Bigger?

Is there a quicker way to lengthen your penis? Yes! Surgery is considered to be the fastest method of penis enlargement if it’s successful.

The word successful is key here because increasing the penis size surgically can result in serious complications.

Augmentative phalloplasty is a well-known procedure that promises to make your dick wider in girth.

The procedure involves taking fat from some part of your body and grafting it to your penis, making it a half-inch longer and wider when flaccid.

This sounds effective but you can end up with a lumpy penis. The outcome is always unpredictable.

You might not know that nearly 2/3 of your penis protrudes from your body. Held in place with ligaments, 1/3 of it ensures the sexual function leverage.

The surgical procedure might involve cutting those tendons, letting your dick protrude for an inch or two. The problem with is, your erection may no longer go up.

Not to mention that you can end up feeling unhappy about your penis size or physique. If you want to return your penis in the size it was, a surgeon might not be able to do it.

All of these penis enlargement procedures are referred to as “experimental surgery” and thus the results are unpredictable.

In most cases, the complications are impossible to fix.

Small penis

Choosing the right hospital is crucially important, though. There are many clandestine “hospitals” that offer penis enlargement without being specialized in it.

If you decide to opt for augmentative phalloplasty, do careful research on your chosen hospital. Read feedback, check documents, and talk to different doctors.

Some of the popular and trustworthy clinics that offer penis enlargement are Morganstern Medical, PhalloCenter, The German Centre for Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery, just to name a few.

The most innovative and most recognized men’s health clinic in the United States, Morganstern Medical provides 3 major enhancement choices depending on your needs and budget.

Moreover, they offer 2 non-invasive techniques for instant penis enlargements.

small penis

The biggest treatment center for penis enlargement in the southwest, The PhalloCenter provides proprietary technique and penile implants to increase the penis size naturally.

The German Centre for Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery is popular worldwide and is considered as the global champion in penis enlargements.

Each clinic has its own services, techniques, and materials. If penis exercises and stretchers fail to help you, weigh all the pros and cons of surgery and choose your hospital wise.

The Final Word

If you have a small penis, it’s not the end of the world. Moreover, it’s not the end of your relationship.

There’s always a way out and you have multiple penis enlargement options to choose from.

Start with penis exercises, give penis stretchers a try, and if you’re bold, consider surgery. Anyway, there’s always a way out.

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