Ways Penis Extenders Improve Men’s Health

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When a man pulls his pants down and he isn’t happy with what he sees, he starts looking for the ways to increase his penis size. The latest statistics are shocking and state that up to 75% of men aren’t satisfied with their penis size. While some guys waste their money on male enhancement pills, supplements, and lotions others run into debts to enhance their little buddies in a surgical way.

Today, it’s been already proved that male enhancement pills, supplements, and lotions don’t work. Surgical penis augmentation is expensive and risky. Penis extenders have been claimed as the best alternative to surgery, so no wonder that men with the average size of the flaccid penis ranging from 4 to 6 inches opt for these male enhancement tools.

What’s a penis extender? Does it work? Does it have more perks than just penis enlargement? Is it just a popular sex toy or a useful tool in the bedroom? Read on to explore how penis extenders work and how they can help to improve men’s health.


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What’s a penis extender?

When a man pulls his pants down and he isn’t happy with what he sees, he starts looking for the ways to increase his penis size. The latest statistics are shocking and state that up to 75% of men aren’t satisfied with their penis size. While some guys waste their money on male enhancement pills, supplements, and lotions others run into debts to enhance their little buddies in a surgical way.

Today, it’s been already proved that male enhancement pills, supplements, and lotions don’t work. Surgical penis augmentation is expensive and risky. Penis extenders have been claimed as the best alternative to surgery, so no wonder that men with the average size of the flaccid penis ranging from 4 to 6 inches opt for these male enhancement tools.

What’s a penis extender? Does it work? Does it have more perks than just penis enlargement? Is it just a popular sex toy or a useful tool in the bedroom? Read on to explore how penis extenders work and how they can help to improve men’s health.

How does a penis extender work?

A penis extender is designed to increase a small male organ and treat some common men’s health issues like erectile dysfunction and treat curvature of the penis or Peyronie’s disease. There are many penis extenders on the market these days and some of them actually work.

Oftentimes, people think of male enhancement as of a “sexual disability” treatment, but it’s not always true. A penis extender is a versatile and multifunctional tool that can solve a number of men’s problems. The principle of penile extension that a penis extender provides is similar to the principle widely used on the African continent for years with ear lobes and lower lips.

The tissue, including the one found in the pelvic area is easily stretchable. Stability and regularity of daily training work ideally for reinforcing of the blood vessels and tissue enlargement in the penile area.

Medical experts also claim that penis stretchers can be used as an additional mechanical treatment for the penile curvature. Sure, a penis extender can’t replace regular medications or other treatments your doctor might prescribe you.  However, this tool can speed up or improve the whole process.

If your goal is to just enlarge your penis, be careful with your personal expectations. Setting realistic expectations is important. Men with small penises and micropenises often set unrealistic expectations. It’s possible to increase the length of a small penis by 2.95 inches (7.5 cm) and the width by 0.98 inch (2.5 cm). Persistent stretching is essential here. It may take up to 6 months to see the first male enhancement results.

Who can reap benefits from using a penis extender?

All penis stretching tools are created to stimulate the tissue by the pulling process. The penis extender’s aim is to permanently alter the size of a small or average-sized penis. While there’s nothing magical about this device, it can trigger an extremely strong and long erection. A top quality penis extender also guarantees the thickness and length growth of the penis. Men diagnosed with an unusual penile curvature condition can benefit from using this penis traction tool.

The majority of penis extenders are constructed from safe plastics and feature rods, which is important for penis strengthening. There are extenders that have traction springs, which aid in pulling your male organ and promoting its growth.

Some penis extenders also feature the ring-shaped bases that should be placed on the pubic bone, fitting over the penis. Although a penis extender is sometimes recommended to be worn during the day, ensure you don’t overdo it. There are special bands that pull the penis to the side so no one will see that you’re wearing a penis stretching tool.

When compared to surgical male enhancement, a penis extender doesn’t help to quickly get a bigger dick fast, but it has little to no side effects. A penis extender helps to stretch the penile tissue, promoting the new cell growth after the breakdown of existing cells. Another critical thing to remember is that not all penis extenders are designed for daily wear.

penis traction device

A penis extender can be useful in treating poor sexual performance, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction. It boosts a man’s self-esteem and makes him feel more confident in bed. The device produces the tension, which enhances the blood circulation in the cock shaft vessels, stimulating the swelling process. Penis extenders are often used for long-term growth and even enhancing the glans size.

Penis extenders are great in terms of hygiene and simplicity. However, low quality devices can’t guarantee safe male enhancement. A lot of users experience discomfort, pain, and injuries when using a poor quality extender. Moreover, it’s critical to stay consistent. If you’re going to wear a penis extender for several days in a month, you’re not going to achieve any penis enlargement results. You don’t have to wear the device 24/7, yet try to wear it for 6 to 8 hours daily with one day off each week.

How to choose a penis extender

Not every guy can reap benefits from using a penis extender. For instance, guys with micropenises or other conditions shouldn’t use the device without a doctor’s recommendations. Guys with small or normal-sized penises can enhance their size in 4 to 6 months. Men who have trouble with erections can use the device to improve their sex lives.

Before you decide to opt for penis stretching though, you have to know your penis size. Perhaps you know that erect and flaccid penis sizes don’t correlate and thus the flaccid penis size is typically irrelevant. Some guys have short or normal-sized penises, which get longer and wider when erect. Men, who are happy to have a large flaccid dick that erects itself, don’t notice any change in size when aroused.

Multiple studies have discovered that, the average penis size is about 5.5 inches. The penis that is shorter than 5 inches is defined as a small penis. When the size is less than 3.66 inches, you’re an owner of a micropenis. Those with micropenises usually have normal testicles and internal genitalia.

Micropenises happen rarely and surgery is needed to correct its size. When left untreated, men with micropenises might experience fertility problems. You can use the extender when undergoing treatment for Peyronie’s disease or prostate cancer.

Healthy men could reap benefits from using a penis extender, as well. They could increase the size of their normal penises a little bit or simply improve their erections.

Where can you purchase a penis extender?

With the variety of penis extenders, you need to learn what makes one extender better than another. You’ll need to know what makes an extender more comfortable and easier to use than another one, Decoding reviews is essential, as well. Comfort is often overlooked and men typically pay attention to design of the extender. In reality, a penis extender that has the average design can provide the most comfort. Sure, it’s best to choose the device that combines comfort and design at the same time.

If you’re unable to wear your extender comfortably for several hours per day, you won’t achieve any male enhancement results. Moreover, choose the extender that has strap-style attachment and features memory foam protection. Stay away from noose styles.

Penis traction device

Reviews tend to impact buyer’s choice, but what can you do when there’s an equal amount of bad and good reviews? But there’s one fact to keep in mind, people rarely leave feedback when they’re satisfied with the product. When they aren’t, they will always find time to leave negative reviews. That’s why keep in mind that absence of negative reviews is more critical than number of good feedback.

A penis extender stays the only non-surgical penis enlargement method that has been clinically tested and medically proven to provide permanent male enhancement results. However, it doesn’t mean each device is effective. In fact, some can be harmful and leave you with the worst result that you could expect. That’s the reason why the design of a penis stretcher matters at times.

There are two major penis extender’s designs to consider – strap and noose style. The design defines the way the extender will be attached to your dick. The noose style uses a little piece of plastic that goes under the penis head, creating tension. Even though this extender is effective, it causes discomfort and even injuries.

A strap extender works differently. It’s attached to the penis with the help of wide Velcro style straps creating tension in a more comfortable way than noose style extenders. This makes strap extenders more effective.

Top quality penis stretchers are believed to be constructed, not built. Why? Because such devices have the CE Seal of Approval and they’re considered as Type 1 Medical Devices. Top quality extenders are made under strict regulations, which are supported by experts to ensure consumer’s safety.

What’s the medical use of a penis extender?

Penis extenders are available in plethora of drug stores and sex shops. Moreover, you can order the device online. Amazon, for instance, offers a wide selection of penis extenders. However, it’s best to buy the device on official websites of manufacturers. This will ensure you don’t pay for a scam.

How does a penis extender improve men’s health?

Penis extenders help to treat not only physical flaws of your penis, but they also help you cope with the issue on the psychosomatic level. Many guys believe that their penises are too short and the extender tends to show the real picture. The extender can’t help men with small penis syndrome, though.

If you use a penis extender actively and regularly, you can enjoy a larger glans, a larger shaft, a more massive ejaculation, and a harder erection. The device can also help to fix a penile curvature, but you have to be patient here.

A penile curvature has developed over the years, so it can’t be fixed in a month. The same goes for erectile dysfunction. Don’t expect to experience hard and long erections after several days of using the extender. Consistency and patience are two decisive factors.

A penis extender is often medically indicated as an alternative to surgery when treating extreme penile curvature. When it comes to treating an erectile dysfunction, the physician can prescribe a penis extender, too.

Penis extenders aren’t just sex toys – like many people think – they can be useful in hospitals, as well. The benefits of top quality extenders include:

  • Physiological effect
  • Medical effect
  • Holistic Healing
  • Psychological effect

Erectile dysfunction

Top quality penis extenders are known for the function to generate firmness and stiffness, but they can also improve overall men’s health. Poor quality extenders don’t help to treat medical issues, while superior quality devices can help men deal with:

The Curvature of the Penis (Peyronie’s Disease)

Whether psychological or physical, erectile dysfunction is curable. Numerous studies show that top quality extenders like MaleEdge help to treat both psychological and physical erectile dysfunction types. The mechanical principle of the device is to stimulate the blood circulation in the penile tissue. The extender can provide you with an ideally hard erection.

The use of the extender has a positive effect on the brain. It gives the brain a signal that the penis can still erect. This is a psychological reaction that works to boost men’s self-esteem. As confidence increases, the libido starts improving itself. Sometimes erectile dysfunction is cause by stress and the pressure put on the body prevents a man from relaxing and erecting.

The stretchy vessels traverse the stretchable connective tissue, improving the blood flow. The better blood circulation, the stronger erections. The penis stretcher helps to maintain the existing capacity of the penile muscles, which should be strengthened like other body muscles. A regular use of a high quality penis extender helps to increase the penis size and strengthen erections, at the same time.

The Curvature of the Penis (Peyronie’s Disease)

Peyronie’s Disease or the curvature of the penis can have a lot of triggers and aren’t always treated by surgery. It depends on how big the curve is. A slight curve is considered natural and might not require any treatment. A distinct upward curve isn’t life-threatening, too. On the contrary, this curve provides a better orgasm of a woman as such penis stimulates her G-spot.

When a curve looks unnatural and causes discomfort, a doctor might prescribe a penis extender. The extender helps to fix the curvature of the penis by pulling the penile tissue evenly in each direction, compensating unevenness. When used for up to 6 months, an extender creates the change in connective tissue, reducing the curvature.

Depending on the degree of the curvature, your penis might become absolutely straight. Sometimes the stretching belt is used in combination with a stretcher sleeve for better results. Poor quality extenders can worsen your unnatural curvature, so consult a doctor before choosing the device for treating Peyronie’s Disease.

What’s MaleEdge? What are the main features of it?

MaleEdge is a superior quality extender that has a long feature list and has been clinically tested and medically approved, with the results being published in BJUI. Nowadays, the MaleEdge extender is used for both cosmetic and medical purposes.

The major features of MaleEdge are:

  • DanaMedic has been present on the market for up to 20 years.
  • Recognized by the medical community because of the quality and effectiveness.
  • The predecessor model of the MaleEdge extender was a great male enhancement market success.
  • Involves one of the most effective mechanisms of penis enlargement action – penis traction.
  • Guarantees permanent penis enlargement results.
  • Over 15 years of scientific studies and millions of positive customer feedback.
  • Made from medical grade FDA approved materials.
  • MaleEdge can treat men’s problems, such as Chordee and Peyronie’s disease.
  • The MaleEdge extender is a class 1 medical device and is CE certified.

How does MaleEdge work?

Traction is the major principle of the MaleEdge penis extender, resulting in circumference increment and penis length. The tissue of human body has a wonderful ability to respond to the physical stimuli and, as mentioned above, a great example of it is Nigerian tribal lip disc tradition. When the tissue in the penile area is safely stretched with the help of physical tension, it expands triggering painless micro tears on the penile shaft.

penis enlargement

When those micro tears happen, the cells sends chemical messenger to begin the cell division process called ‘cytokinesis.’ Formed by torn tissue, new cells appear and fill in the extra space, enhancing the cell density over time. This, in turn, enlarges the length and size of the penis.

This process mainly relies on natural cell division, which means you’ll need time and consistency to achieve your male enhancement goals. Unlike other fast penis enlargement methods like surgery, using the MaleEdge extender is safer and is more effective.

What results can you expect from using MaleEdge?

It’s been scientifically proven that traction is the safest and most effective non-surgical male enhancement method. Since the MaleEdge is notable for its superior quality and effectiveness, its traction process can bring you positive penis enlargement results.

When using the MaleEdge device on a regular basis, penis size enlargement is guaranteed or you will get your money back. Multiple independent reteaches have been done on penis extenders, including MaleEdge, and their effectiveness has been approved.

The clinical trial conducted by MaleEdge showed an average penis enhancement by 28% to 30% in length and more than 19% in girth in just 6 months of consistent extender usage.

The traction of 1000 gm. was applied for the first two weeks and increased to 1200 gm. for remaining weeks.

The study involves men who wore the extenders for nearly 12 hours per day for 20 to 26 weeks to achieve an average penile enhancement of 1.2mm per week. No complications were detected. According to the study, the MaleEdge extender can be useful in treating Chordee and Peyronie’s disease.

Why you shouldn’t DIY a penis extender

The DIY community is growing in popularity these days and there are some who promote to do penis stretchers at home. The truth is, penis extenders, even those of superior quality, aren’t expensive enough to risk your health by using DIY extenders.

DIY penis stretchers haven’t been medically approved and you don’t have the right material to construct your own device. Plus, using it can lead to pain and injuries, so you can end up in the hospital and pay more for treatments.

A male organ is highly sensitive, so if you want to increase its size or cure penile curvature or erectile dysfunction, it’s best to invest in a good extender.

The final word

Despite popular misconceptions and beliefs of many people worldwide, a penis extender isn’t just a sex toy. It can be an effective medical tool, too. Moreover, a penis extender is an excellent alternative to surgical penis augmentation. This tool will provide you with stronger and longer erection and will improve your overall sex life.

Depending on which manufacturer you’ll choose, some superior quality extenders aid in easing the symptoms of common condition, such as Chordee and Peyronie’s disease. A top quality penis stretcher can also provide a healing effect on psychological or physical erectile dysfunction. Not to mention that it can fix unnatural penile curvature.

Setting realistic male enhancement goals is critical, though. Even the best penis extender can’t increase your small penis size in inches. If you’re diagnosed with micropenis, a penis extender might not help you. Guys with a small penis syndrome might not benefit from using a penis extender.

If you have a normal-sized penis, you can increase its size a bit by wearing the extender for at least 4 months. Before using any penis traction device, don’t forget to consult a medical expert.

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